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DECEMBER STREETS Perform 'I'll Try' on 947

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DECEMBER STREETS recently performed a special rendition of their latest radio hit, 'I’LL TRY' on 947.

“For our live performance on 947 we decided to reshape and step things up slightly by adding a certain electronic element to the typically live December Streets sound. Working on the new material and December Streets sound, we have been exploring a wide variety of sounds, digging deep into vocal triggering and manipulating the standard live sound to create something fresh and exciting.

The trick was to find the perfect a balance between the electronic vocal triggering/drum pad and the live guitar/vocals in a live performance, and it felt like we struck the nail on the head. Let’s hope our fans enjoyed it as much as we did. You can expect a lot more of this type of exciting sound going forward.”

Watch the video of I’LL TRY live on 947 below!


coke studio

Today, 16 November 2015 Coke Studio will feature a brand new track by DJ Qness, December Streets and Mozaik, entitled CAN YOU FEEL IT - a summer song which came out of the unique fusion of indie pop, house and rap.

Being paired together for Coke Studio gave the artists the platform to experiment with their individual sounds and find common ground, resulting in a song with a distinctive South African flavour and universal appeal.

The brief for the song was to create pure fusion; to bring the musical knowledge of the artists into one collaborative sphere of musical bliss and to push each others boundaries and understanding of music and its respective cultures to ultimately create a track that will appeal to individuals across our vast musical landscape. The artists spent a total of 3 days at Coke Studio, where they hashed out ideas and writing styles to create the sound you hear on the track.

DJ Qness and the producers created the rhythmic elements that carry the unmistakable groove of the song whilst Tristan brought the December Streets flavour by adding the catchy guitar hooks and vocal melodies to the mix. The song naturally evolved to a point where a rap element would only take it higher and add the missing ingredient. Mozaik, a Swazi rapper, being present in studio as they wrote and produced the track lent his vocals to the song, tying it together with a golden rap thread.

“Working with the December Streets was so amazing but really quite challenging at the same time... I think my biggest fear was how we would be able to blend in and fuse our two completely different styles, and if what we were trying to do was even going to work at all... But amazingly we got into studio and just blended from the onset, and to put the cherry on top we had the extremely talented Mozaik on production as well as on the rap verse and everything just came together perfectly and we are extremely proud of what came out in the end.” - DJ Qness.

“Working with DJ Qness and Mozaik was a wonderful and challenging experience. Wonderful that we all came together with a goal in mind, and surpassed that collaboratively completely. Challenging in pushing the December Streets sound in a direction that we have not previously explored, but now love. Overall I would do nothing different, we have truly polished a massive diamond. I can’t wait for people to hear it.” - Tristan Coetzee, December Streets.

Coke Studio Episode 13 airs on Monday the 16th of November at 8.30PM on ETV.

For more information, previous episodes, schedules, artist biographies, and to download the tracks, visit cokestudio.co.za and visit the ‘Coke Studio ZA’ YouTube channel for behind the scenes action and more!

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Today sees the release of a brand new music video by DECEMBER STREETS for their single I’LL TRY, which is currently nr. 7 on the 5FM #HyundaiTop40.

The video was shot over the course of one day by Lourens Smit and directed by Tristan Coetzee of Run Jump Fly Creations, who also came up with the concept of the video.

The video aims to visually express the meaning of the song, which talks about being supportive and a shoulder to cry on for someone who is down and out. A person you care for who is in need of your support.

Being an upbeat and happy song, the band decided to mix the happy energy into a narrative which can usually be quite sad. It follows the story of a young girl who grows up next to her mother who is in a coma, always keeping the flame burning and hope strong, trying to entertain and keep her mom company. She never gives up on her over the years.

illtry december streets

“Fans can expect to grin from ear to ear watching this video. There is no way anyone can watch this without smiling uncontrollably and being left with a warm, happy feeling. We are very happy with how this turned out. We have never really done a narrative based video before, it expresses our music in a visual way that fans have never seen before, it allows for a more emotional connection to our music. So we are extremely excited about it.“

Watch the video for I'LL TRY here!

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