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gob followToday sees the release of a brand new video by GANGS OF BALLET for their latest single, 'FOLLOW.' The video is shot vertically for the best possible mobile experience.

Originally, the band wanted to use a static image for a lyric video with text over it, but they soon got the idea of replacing the static image with their own faces mouthing the words to 'FOLLOW.' Following a DIY approach, they borrowed a camera and shot themselves in Jonathan Rich's lounge. Jonathan then edited the video himself, after which AVI MACK in Durban animated the lyrics of the song over the video.

Taking a cue from Instagram Stories and the amount of time people generally spend on their mobile devices, they shot the video in vertical format for the best experience when fans watch it on their phones.


Watch the video for FOLLOW below!

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Gangs Of Ballet album Launch Tour - Rivertown Shed

 Gangs Of Ballet - Rivertown Shed

When I heard that Gangs of Ballet will be launching their new album, Form & Function Part 2 at the Rivertown Shed, I was like, where the hell is that?  I was in for a nice little surprise. Upon arriving at The Shed, we noticed how much parking there was, bonus! No driving around the city on a Friday night looking for dodgy parking.

The Rivertown Shed is situated across the road from the ICC (on the other side, not where the old Tilt used to be).  As we walked up to the venue we were met with some rad urban street art occupying the one side of The Shed wall, top to bottom. Always a good sign.  The excitement starting bubbling within as I began to realise it was quite a big warehouse. Oh yes, a warehouse party! LOVE THEM.  As we walked in, there was a cool retro pop up coffee tuk tuk done by Exploring Coffee.  A nice different concept to have a rock gig, that little tuk tuk would prove to be quite significant later on……

Walk straight to the bar. Need beer. Much to our dismay we were told that unfortunately the venue was unable to secure the liquor licence in time for the gig.  Damn, what a bummer. But that was not going to stop Durban.  People turned up in the droves to support our local favourites.

ISO - Rivertown Shed

As we got backstage, ISO, the opening band, was setting up and getting the sound check done.  Super excited to see these guys play, especially at such a fitting venue.  The performance these guys put on was incredible. Their stage presence was nothing short of stellar, the way they feel their music while performing is quite something to watch.  They jumped and jived and the crowd jumped and jived, the lighting was amazing and the theatrical smoke at the end was the perfect closing.  ISO is a well experienced band and it shows. And the one guy let me sit on their road case backstage for the whole night, thank you ISO!

As soon as the band comes off stage, we duck outside for a quick smoke break.  While out smoking, we get chatting to a bloke about the venue. He mentions he works for the guys that own the venue and they are shooting the gig so they can start promoting the venue for more nights like this one.  Two words. HELL YES.  Durban so desperately needs a good venue to host bands and one big enough to fit all the adoring fans we have here.  Let’s all pray that this kicks off, Rivertown Shed will be perfect for many events, covering all aspects. Just need to sort out that liquor licence first…

Al Bairre - Rivertown Shed

Next up, Al Bairre took to the stage with their happy go lucky vibe. God, I love this band. And so does the whole of Durban apparently with the way the crowd went crazy as they stepped on.  Al Bairre has had major success and they have a massive following here in Durban and it’s no wonder with that catchy, love infested groove they have going on.  Sporting their trade mark tie dye shirts, Al Bairre got down and dirty with it, displaying impressive acts of bum wiggles and stage hand stands.  Talk about high energy. Wow. They belted out most of their popular songs, while the love sick fans sang along to each and every word. The excitement they bring to a gig is infectious, honestly if you having a crap day, please just go watch a video of Al Bairre live, it’s almost life changing.

Gangs of Ballet - Rivertown Shed

Finally the headliner graces the stage, Gangs of Ballet.  Originally from Durban, you can see they are in their zone.  Gangs of Ballet were well worth the wait, with a down to earth demeanor that simply filters all the way down, you almost feel like it’s a bunch of your buddies playing for you.  Interactive and intimate.  Apologizing profusely about the booze situation, Brad connects with the crowd with ease as they break into the first song, the crowd absolutely loves them.  Gangs of Ballet rocked and rolled the stage with their set and at one point Brad even got off the stage and continued to play his guitar while walking through the crowd. What a legend.  What a show.  Thank you for a wicked night, thank you for a wicked venue, thank you for having UNDERGROUND PRESS and thank you for the CD! Can’t wait to have you all back soon!


gangs of ballet sa artist spotlight

Forget whatever you thought you knew about the award-winning Durban-based band, Gangs of Ballet. Nick Darke met up with the lean mean streamlined 3-piece and chatted about exploring new avenues in their music career in this week’s new episode of The SA Artist Spotlight.

Watch their full interview to find out exactly how the three remaining members of Gangs of Ballet; Brad Klynsmith, Josh Klynsmith and Jonathan Rich have had to go about to reinvent themselves, their sound and live performances. The SA Artist Spotlight are also releasing live footage of two of their tracks; ‘Love Is On Its Way’ and ‘Ageless’ in this great episode. They also let the cat out of the bag and chat about what their secret is to making music that sounds so damn good – Making this a must-see interview for any true Gangs of Ballet fan.

One of The SA Artist Spotlight’s official sponsors, aFREAKa are also giving away a one-of-a-kind T-shirt signed by Gangs of Ballet on The SA Artist Spotlight’s Facebook page. Further details on the competition and how to enter will be available on the page here: facebook.com

Take a look at GANGS OF BALLET episode on The SA Artist Spotlight YouTube Channel here.

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parlotones gangs of ballet michael lowman summertones tour december 2015

Fresh on the back of the release of their latest EP - 'Form & Function, Part 1', this December GANGS OF BALLET will be touring with THE PARLOTONES and MICHAEL LOWMAN on the XPERIA™ SUMMERTONES TOUR powered by VODACOM.

The Xperia™ Summertones Tour 2015 powered by Vodacom will kick-off at the Wild Coast Sun on the 26th December and the tour will take all three acts along the coast to some of South Africa’s favourite holiday destinations.

Be sure to book your ticket and catch them in a city near you.

Fans can catch Xperia™ Summertones Tour 2015, powered by Vodacom at the following venues in these cities:

Date: 26 December 2015
Venue: Tropical Nites Theatre, Wild Coast Sun
Entrance: R200
Time: 8PM
Tickets: ticketpros.co.za

Date: 27 December 2015
Venue: Chris Saunders Park, Durban
Entrance: R50 - R200
Time: 2PM
Tickets: ticketpros.co.za

Date: 28 December 2015
Venue: San Lameer (SOLD OUT)

Date: 29 December 2015
Venue: Bush Pigs, Kei Mouth
Entrance: R200
Time: 6PM
Tickets: ticketpros.co.za

Date: 30 December 2015
Venue: Billy's Beach, Cape St Francis
Entrance: R200
Time: 11AM
Tickets: billysbeach.nutickets.co.za/SF

Date: 31 December 2015
Venue: Buffelsfontein
Entrance: R300 (Children 2-12 / R150)
Time: 6PM
Tickets: keentogo.com

For more details and ticketing, visit: facebook.com/SummerTonesTour


Today sees the official release of the brand new EP by GANGS OF BALLET, entitled FORM & FUNCTION, PART 1. The EP is a first in a triptych of EP releases by the band, following the release of their debut album (yes/no/grey.) in 2013. The first single from the EP, Always, was released in August this year.

gob 2

The EP was written over the course of the past year, produced by Denholm Harding, engineered by Brendyn Rossouw and recorded at Universal Music’s studios in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

The band has been interested in the Bauhaus movement which revolved around the re-invention and re-purposing of art and function. With Hardus De Beer leaving the band early 2015 and their becoming a 3-piece, they found themselves undergoing a process of re-invention and adapted the Bauhaus principle of ‘form follows function’ to the band. Thus the name of the EP – “Form & Function”.

“We like the idea of progress. As people we all change so much in a year of living so it's a natural thing for your art to do the same.”

Form & Function, Part 1 is the first part of the collection and a transition of songs - it features signature GOB elements, such as their anthemic choruses, whilst also being more synth and electronically focused. Sonically it’s a departure from their previous work and pushes their live performance into a different space.

“We are really excited to finally have something fresh out there that’s the first part of a very big project! It's the first step of a journey that already feels so good to us. Fans can expect a bit of the old and new; it's got legs live and we can't wait to play it for you.”

gob formandfunction banner

FORM & FUNCTION, PART 1 - Track Listing:

  1. Ageless
  2. Always
  3. Blurry
  4. I Can Hear You
  5. Nylon
  6. Seven

Buy FORM & FUNCTION, PART 1 on iTunes NOW:


9 October 2015 // Arcade Empire // Pretoria
10 October 2015 // Rivonia Barnyard // Johannesburg
13 October 2015 // Willowbridge Barnyard Theatre //  Cape Town
26 October 2015 // Cresta Barnyard Theatre //  Johannesburg
30 October 2015 // McArthur’s Pool //  Port Elizabeth

More dates to be announced soon.

Gangs of Ballet Are Back!

Writing that headline made me a very happy man. It’s rare to find such a committed, genuinely sincere group of artists who are focused on their work. For those who didn’t know, their latest album is out today – You can get it here!

We had a great artistic discussion with the lads about exploring South Africa, growing their sound, and the impact of losing a bassist.

gob 1

Photography by Craid Scott

You guys took a fairly lengthy break after the first album, why was that?

There were a few factors, we wanted to get our hands and feet dirty and tour around SA properly and start to earn a following which we did and we learned a lot from it. Though at time we wanted the next album to be a progression and that meant really digging deep and writing a lot of songs. So we ended up writing over 40 new songs and then re-wrote when our bass player left the band. So to say it’s been a process is an understatement but we feel like we’ve found a groove and the next releases are going to be much quicker and closer together.

What has the response to “Always” been like?

It’s been great, the public and the radio stations have been into it so we’re stoked. We’re actually more excited about how it’s going to be as a live track.

gob 2

Photography by Craid Scott

Form & Function, Part 1, is a title dripping with intrigue. Have you got a timeline for the next three ‘movements’ in the series, or will you just go where the inspiration takes you?

Yeah, we’re really focussed at the moment and we’re looking be in studio in January already. Like I said we didn’t drop it in parts because we didn’t have the songs, we want to try and release small batches of music closer together and keep them fresh and full of energy for where we’re at at that moment.

You’re now a 3-piece act. Has that been a major adjustment?

Yeah it’s been something we’ve had to get our heads around but it’s getting easier by the day and the 3 piece thing is a total vibe. Jono’s probably under the most pressure because he’s got to play bass and key because we’re trying to stick to our no tracks policy for live.

The addition of synths adds a really dynamic, electronic feel to your more classic, anthemic sound. Did you feel it was essential or more of an organic development?

I think both to be honest. I’ve been listening to a lot of electronic music for the last maybe 2 years and I really dig it. We were naturally gravitating that way for the last while and I’m stoked that we could start to incorporate it into our ‘sound’ and I’ve got a feeling it’s going to feature more and more.

It’s always daunting releasing an album with a fresh sound – are you nervous at all?

Yeah the creative, vulnerable nerves are there. This first part I feel is a transitional set of songs, there seems to be a taste of the old and new somewhere in there. So I guess that’s good in a way that won’t chase fans and hopefully win a few more.

The country wants a tour – will you guys be obliging and if so, when and where can we see you?

The album drops in 9 Oct and that will be the first date of our tour, we’ll be playing maybe our favourite place to play, ARCADE EMPIRE PTA!!!! Watch our FB and Twitter feeds for the the rest of the tour and make sure you get to a show. We’ve worked hard to get the show to a new level along with the new tracks.

GANGS OF BALLET Release Music Video For ALWAYS

This week saw the official release of GANGS OF BALLET’s new music video for their latest single ALWAYS. ALWAYS is the first single from the band’s soon to be released new EP - Form & Function, Part 1 - set for release in October 2015.

The video does not feature the band - completely new territory for GANGS OF BALLET - and was shot in Cape Town and London over the course of two weeks by director Dave East.

gob always video clip1

“The song ALWAYS speaks about two souls finding each other, so the video concept sits in that space. It is arty with no clear narrative, intentionally giving room for the viewer to make up their own opinion about what is going on. It features two people, a girl and a guy, both on a journey seemingly linked. We're excited about the track and the new direction; it has been brilliant to work with the talented Dave East.”

Watch the video for ALWAYS below!

gob always video clip2

Available for Pre-Order

GANGS OF BALLET's new EP - Form & Function, Part 1 - is available for pre-order on iTunes from today. Form & Function, Part 1 is the first in a triptych of EP releases by the band. Pre-order the EP today to receive ALWAYS instantly, as well as another new song on the 25th of September and the 2nd of October, before the official EP release on the 9th of October 2015.


gob formandfunction banner

Launch Tour Dates

Be sure to catch GANGS OF BALLET on their Form & Function, Part 1 Launch Tour in a city near you:

9 October 2015 // Arcade Empire // Pretoria
10 October 2015 // Rivonia Barnyard Theatre //  Johannesburg
13 October 2015 // Willowbridge Barnyard Theatre // Cape Town
26 October 2015 // Cresta Barnyard Theatre //  Johannesburg
30 October 2015 // McArthur's Pool //  Port Elizabeth

More to be announced soon. Supporting artist for all shows (except McArthur's Pool) will be Josh Wantie.


This weekend saw the release of the brand new single by GANGS OF BALLET, entitled ALWAYS. ALWAYS is the first single from the band’s soon to be released new EP - Form & Function, Part 1 - set for release in October 2015. Form & Function, Part 1 will be the first in a triptych of EP releases by the band.

gob always

“ALWAYS is about standing with someone through thick and thin.”

The song was written in December 2014 and recorded at Universal Studios in Johannesburg. Featuring the band’s signature anthemic choruses, the song features a fresh, energetic and more synth driven sound compared to their previous work; the result of the band now operating as a dynamic and powerful 3-piece.

“We are super happy with ALWAYS; we have had a good response from the people that have heard it so we hope people will like it. Our new album is pretty different for us but there are still loads of ‘Gangs of Ballet’ elements in the songs. We've work super hard on this project and are so excited to get these songs out!”

ALWAYS is available for purchase on iTunes here!

‘Form & Function, Part 1’ is set for release in October 2015.

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