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The Sinners: Hard Rock…’Sleaze’ Rock

Band: The Sinners
Hail from: Durban
Genre: Hard rock…’sleaze’ rock

the sinners july 29 07 2016

How does one define the term Rock & Roll? Well, you don’t. You feel it.  You feel it as you sit in your seedy car silently cursing the world outside as you’re stuck in a traffic jam on a Sunday morning. You feel it as you watch putrid grey smog rise up in the distance from factories that worship the System. You feel it as you hit the power button on your radio and the lyrics to your favourite punk-rock song of all time come spilling out from a station that is known to play sugary pop ballads 23 hours and 56 minutes of every day. And, you feel it when the truth hits you – music truly cares.

They call themselves The Sinners, but out of, church their names are actually Dave Campbell (vocals), Jason Eedes (drums), Stef Van Emmines (guitar) and Malcolm Silver (bass). Four grown dudes hailing from Durban shores who have been hard rocking as The Sinners for about a year, but each involved in other bands and projects for a time. These guys have something gritty to say and it’s aimed at you.

Enter their album ‘Tales of Youth and Revenge’, a visceral eleven track album that epitomises old back alley bars with its drawling angst-ridden, blues-resplendent riffs, knowing it has the ability to send your mind reeling off into the abyss we scream to touch, yet almost always never reach.

However, some too may argue that the style of music invested in is for a certain age group – predominantly the thirty plus mass. We say Eff that. Music isn’t ageist, only people are.

the sinners july 29 07 2016

With tracks titled ‘Hillbilly Hole’, ‘Looking For A Hooker’, and ‘Bad Man’ and lyrics like "I lost my mind, I lost my socks and shoes, my self-respect too", well, you know there’s some heavenly sinning to be done.

The guys can currently be found in, on and around the East coast with some potential for rocking Johannesburg towards the end of 2016. We’ll keep you posted. Until then, feel free to cleanse your conscience at the Durban International Blues Festival where this devout quatrain will be rocking out on the 11th of September and for more devout love that is the power of music, you can download their current album here.

sinners cartoon image july 26 2016

Images: Courtesy of The Sinners

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