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Today sees the official release of MEDICINE BOY’s debut album, KINDA LIKE ELECTRICITY

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“It is a very human album. The songs are conversations with each other and ourselves about the things that take up the most space in our minds. There is a kind of a breaking that occurs that leaves you exposed but also gives you space to move and to breathe. It brings to life the noise of our quieter moments.”

KINDA LIKE ELECTRICITY was produced by the duo themselves, working closely with Dave Langemann who both recorded and mixed the album. Most of the album was tracked at Dave’s home studio in December 2015 and February 2016, with the live drums and some extras done at Digital Forest Studio

“We wrote most of the material coming off our European tour last year. We were away for three months and had the chance to see some of the musicians that have really influenced us. We were able to perform more than we usually would, giving us  space to really become comfortable and curious about our craft and performance. It was a very inspiring time. We only travelled with electric gear and couldn’t write much on the road, so we had a bunch of ideas bottled up when we got home.”

KINDA LIKE ELECTRICITY revealed itself as the album name at some point during the mixing process. It seemed to capture the mood of the record in a number of ways.

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“There is something about the invisibility, necessity and unpredictability of electricity that runs through it all - the creative and destructive force of it and the inability to capture or control it. It’s a feeling. You don’t know what it is. And you can’t explain it. And so you make music.”

The album features signature MEDICINE BOY elements such as reverb, fuzz and drones with some new colours and perhaps even more space.

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  1. The Back of My Eyes
  2. You're an Animal Now
  3. Time Is a Train
  4. Beautiful Blue
  5. Lucy
  6. E.V.I.L
  7. Anything, As Long as It's Black
  8. Lashes
  9. Alone
  10. The End of the Day

“It is quite an intimate listening experience – a collection of secrets and recollections that find their way to you through the noise and the reverb. It’s a kind of meeting point for the isolated.”


“It has been both wonderful and scary (in the way that things you care about should be) to stand behind something and simply say ‘this is us; to have really given ourselves over to the process without fearing what might come out. At some point the album takes on it’s own identity and you simply watch it unfold.”

KINDA ELECTRICITY is available on 180g vinyl, CD and digitally. Vinyl orders are now available from Roastin' Records and Permanent Record.  

MEDICINE BOY are embarking on their second European tour this September in support of KINDA LIKE ELECTRICITY, with shows in Italy, Germany, France, Holland and The UK. You can find out more about the tour here.

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A Dose of Medicine Boy

medicine boy on stage

If their lead single E.V.I.L is any indication, MEDICINE BOY straddles the line that divides the boundaries of the mundane world and the obscure dreamscape of limitless imagination. This dream noise outfit is comprised of Lucy Kruger and Andre Leo who have been working toward releasing their debut full-length album ‘Kinda Like Electricity’. In regard to the single E.V.I.L, Kruger and Leo’s vocals drift effortlessly through a musical maelstrom that almost betrays itself by how simultaneously soothing it is. The video matches the intensity and intimacy with every scene and hits the theme on the head. This is a truly one of a kind act, and Underground Press is happy to have caught up with them to discuss their big release.

Listen while you read!

Your lead single’s video, E.V.I.L revels in the obscurity of romance. Is this a theme that is common in your music?

I guess so, yeah. There are a few themes on this new album.

What was it like to shoot the video?

medicine boy 1Really fun for us. It was cool to watch the crew do their thing. We don’t usually get to work with a large scale of production. The snakes took a bit of getting used to.

Working as a duo must require a great deal of chemistry. Describe some of the processes behind creating themes and composing for MEDICINE BOY.

Being a duo means you have the limitations of fewer instruments, of course. That can lead to some interesting stuff. Songs have to be able to work in that format live.
We make songs that we enjoy playing. You gotta keep it fun for yourself.
We work easily together. We’re lucky like that.

Where exactly does the name MEDICINE BOY originate?

No real story. We were looking for a name and that just came up & stuck. We bounced some other ideas around but came back to that one. The same thing happened with the title of the album.

What inspired the story behind E.V.I.L?

Mark Leonard, the director, already had an idea for a video he wanted to make before he heard the song. The three of us then sat together and bounced ideas around until we felt we had something that represented the song well & also just looked good.

How long did it take to complete your debut LP Kinda Like Electricity?

We wrote most of it in the second half of last year. It took about 2 months to record, then a couple more for mastering, pressing etc. We started recording December 2015 & it’ll be out in August 2016.

Describe the atmosphere throughout the recording process.

It was mostly pretty relaxed and intimate. After we did the drums at Digital Forest Studio, we spent most of our days in Dave (our engineer’s) home studio. It was a really intimate process. Very hands-on. Very delicate at times. Very intense at others.

Have you sent advanced copies to friends or family? If so, how was the reception?

We have. It’s always so daunting sending stuff to family and friends. Most of them were very positive. Some didn’t really say much. We didn’t enquire.

For those who aren’t familiar with your style of music, what bands or artists sound similar?

We get some wild comparisons. Which we think is great. People haven’t been able to pin us to a certain band. You’ll have to listen for yourself.

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Photos by Stuart Scott.

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