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MATHEW GOLD Releases New Self-Titled Album

mathew gold 12 05 2017
*Photo by Canton Parker.

Friday, 12 May 2017 sees the release of MATHEW GOLD’s self-titled second studio album. The album is Mathew’s first release in 4 years and comes after the release of his latest commercial single, MAGNETIC FIELD earlier this year.

The album is a culmination of 3 years of writing while working with numerous producers and co-writers. Recorded in 3 different studios across the country in the course of it’s creation, the album features nine local and four international producers who have lent their signature to the final product.

For this album, MATHEW found inspiration from his own life experiences. The songs come from a personal place - they were written about his girlfriend or through other significant stories from his past.

“I was never going to release another album unless I truly believed in what I have collectively created. I let the creative process do its thing. I eliminated the rules or formulas we already knew, so lyrically, vocally or even the BPM of the song never mattered. The only mission was to make great music. I have never been this vulnerable lyrically, but It allowed me to be able to create more freely and honestly.”

Mathew describes himself as very possessive over his music which allows him to be interested in every sound that gets added into any song. This album helped him understand when to let go of a song and love it for its simplicity. He decided to self-title the album because it reflects him musically and truthfully; a personal music diary of sorts. It represents who he is and who he was. It is the perfect way to describe MATHEW GOLD.

“I believe I have always been versatile in making music or collaborating, but what makes this album so different is the freedom in which the music was made. It’s risky to be that open minded, but I had nothing to lose or at least it felt that way. It’s a collective of music I’ve never been prouder to call my own. My music can take you to many places. I would rather believe that I’ve taken more risks than wonder if I ever took enough.”


mathew gold magnetic field

MATHEW GOLD Track Listing:

  1.     Lay Down
  2.     Never Mind
  3.     Holy Moment
  4.     All My Love
  5.     Easy Like Sunday
  6.     Feel the Love (feat. Alyx Ander)
  7.     Changes
  8.     Higher
  9.     Come Over
  10.     When We Were Young (Feat. Breakdlaw)
  11.     Magnetic Field
  12.     Burning Inferno
  13.     Why I Lie
  14.     I Stood Still

Buy / Stream MATHEW GOLD on iTunes here: https://mathewgold.lnk.to/MathewGoldPR

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MATHEW GOLD Releases Stylistic New Video For MAGNETIC FIELD

mathew gold

MATHEW GOLD has released the music video for his latest single, 'MAGNETIC FIELD'. Magnetic Field is the first single from his forthcoming second studio album set for release on 12 May 2017.

The video was directed by the talented Christian Wolf from Brick Wolf Creatives and shot on a custom built set at the Gold Coast Studios in Johannesburg. The song, produced by Bubele Booi, is about two people who can’t deny their attraction to each other. Mathew specifically wanted the song and production to be focused on the lyrics and vocals and with that intention, it brought something special to the sound itself.

“Since I’ve been singing and releasing music there has always been a need to try and give ‘sexy music’ a different face. RnB is huge in SA and always will be. This song breaks down the conventional RnB formula of what it should sound like, and yet anybody can relate to it.”

The set for the video took a few weeks’ worth of preparation, while the actual shoot was done in around 13 hours. The video is a first of its kind for Mathew Gold and the set was created into two worlds. The video also features leading lady Shawnee Reid.

"Lyrically, I have become more real and honest about the stories in my life and things I’ve experienced on a daily basis. We went in this direction with the concept because its an unknown territory and I want to offer something different to the RnB community in SA. I have never been more excited about a video! It is honest and relatable.”

Watch the video for MAGNETIC FIELD below!

MATHEW GOLD - New Album Available For Pre-Order

matthew gold magnetic field

MATHEW GOLD - Mathew’s new self-titled album, is now available for pre-order. Pre-order it today and receive two of the songs from his new album instantly. MATHEW GOLD will be released on 12 May 2017.

Pre-Order MATHEW GOLD here!


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