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With just days to go until the Easter long-weekend kicks off in true Splashy Fen style, event organisers Impi Concept Events confirm an exciting line-up at Splashy Fen 2016 with over 100 acts.

Underberg - Over the four-day long iconic music festival held in the picturesque mountains of the Southern Drakensberg, Splashy Fen fans can be sure of one thing: a line-up of both local and international acts that will please all tastes.

Each stage and day of the festival has been carefully crafted to ensure a unique and diverse musical offering to all fans; balancing both the known and unknown, remaining true to Splashy’s true core values of supporting local and up-and-coming acts.

On Thursday the 24th of March, the Main Stage will open with Jasper Dan, winning band from the Splashy Fen and Barnyard Theatres ‘Road to Splashy’ competition at 14h30. Thereafter, fans can look forward to the sounds of Boxer, Lance Goldman, The Motherland, Jonathan Peyper, Albert Frost, Edistontide, Forefront, Arno Carstens and Gangs of Ballet who finish off day one of the Splashy Fen Main Stage at 23h30.

Friday’s acts include Bad Peter, The Kickstands, Dan Patlansky, BCUC, a Creedance Clear Water Tribute, Civil Twilight, Grassy Spark, Mango Groove and Goodluck. Saturday will see the likes of Cherry Vinyl, Go Barefoot, Josh Wantie and Lunatic Wolf hit the stage; followed by the popular 80s Tribute Hey Now, HEY NOW NOW. We are Charlie, internationally acclaimed Xavier Rudd, Shortstraw, Jeremy Loops and Rubber DUC will also be performing on Saturday evening.

goodluck splashy fen 2016

Sunday brings the Rainbow Rhythm Sunday jazz sessions to life with Underberg’s Umfulongashi, reggae band The Meditators, Unity Band featuring bassist Ildo Nandja and guitarist Seb Goldswain, the maskanda giants Shabalala Rhythm fronted by Sibongiseni Shabalala, Zimbabwean legend Oliver Mtukudzi and closing will be Louis Mhlanga and his quintet.

xavier rudd splashy 2016 xavierruddcom

Operating from 12h00 on Thursday 24th March until 21h00 on Sunday the 27th of March, the chilled out vibes of the Splashy Fen Milk Stout Acoustic Shabeen Stage includes a wide selection of artists: Roland Albertsons, Adelle Nqeto, Kyle Meenehan, Mark Maurel, The Subway Run, Danielle Zinn, Gavin Ferguson, Southern Heights, Arno Els, Campbell Colledge, Kabaal Klankbaan, Chico Muyo, Josh Roxton, Julian Redpath, Helen Belien, ZENN, Luke Wyngaard, Ruby Gill, Matt Vend and Alimho and Storm.

From Friday the 25th of March, Splashy Fenners can chill out down by the river to the sounds of Manny Walters, Seb Goldswain, The Sextons and The Meditators. Saturday’s line-up includes Jerry and the Bandits, Sean Koch, The Stonejets and The Gus Brown Band.


Located some distance away from the general camping site will be the Electric Boma; showcasing some of South Africa’s top EDM artists over 3 days! Layered, Harvey Dent, Asante VS Knott, Versatile & Ty Stoltz, Yeti, ALXR, MISSU, G Major, Easy Freak, Hendrik Joerges, Mull3r FT Tim Lewis, Iam Rogue, Veranda Panda, Pop Art LIVE, Ivan Turanjanin, Royal K, Bomb Squad, Disco Dragon, Mad Love, Funky G, Jay Jabs, Maramza, Half N Half, Night Vision, Grimehouse, Haezer, Niskerone, Geroge Daniel & Kallisto.

Fans can now stay up to date with their favourite bands via the exciting New Splashy Fen APP, available for FREE on both Apple and Android devices. The APP is a one-stop pocket tool of helpful Splashy Fen information including directions, links to the Splashy Fen social media pages, contact details, a site map, stage line-ups, artist information and more.

Alternatively, fans can purchase tickets online at splashyfen.co.za  for R750 per person for the full 4-day festival.

Rainbow Rhythm Sunday at Splashy Fen 2016

Underberg - Splashy Fenners can look forward to a dedicated Jazz line-up in the Rainbow Rhythm Sunday set in conjunction with Rainbow Restaurant at Splashy Fen this year; highlighting a significant development in the rebirth of the Splashy Fen Music Festival.

The Rainbow Restaurant, opened in 1981, has been staging music events since 1983. Seven years later, the first Splashy Fen came about as a platform for artists to share their melodic sounds with music-loving fans.

“This Easter, two legends of KZN music meet as the Rainbow is finally welcomed to Splashy Fen. Longevity and culture deep, the proverbial pot of gold. Halala!” comments Huck Auben, de facto mayor of Underberg.

“This collaboration was long overdue,” says Neil Comfort, music Programmer at the Rainbow for the past fifteen years. “And with the appointment of Impi Concept Events as event managers of Splashy Fen 2016, the Rainbow has been welcomed with open arms.”

Historically, due to its client profile and geographic location in the Pinetown taxi rank, the Rainbow has always staged its high profile shows on a Sunday afternoon.

Fitting into the natural ebb and flow of a multi-day event such as Splashy, it is almost a perfect fit to have the Rainbow Rhythms Sunday session added to this years' event.

The showcase, starting at 12pm is opened by maskanda act, Umfulongashi from the Underberg area.

They are followed by reggae band, The Meditators who have performed at the Rainbow on a number of occasions.

We then get into the Rainbow showcase proper, curated by Comfort, to give festival goers a taste of the rhythms that have sustained the people of the Rainbow for thirty-five years.

At 2pm are the young guns, the Unity Band featuring bassist Ildo Nandja and guitarist Seb Goldswain, products of the excellent music program at the University of Kwazulu-Natal who epitomise the future promise of great music coming out of KZN.

Then it is the turn of maskanda giants, Shabalala Rhythm, fronted by Sibongiseni Shabalala, who keeps this project going despite now also taking the lead role in Ladysmith Black Mambazo since the retirement of his father, Dr. Joseph Shabalala.

Joining Shabalala Rhythm for one song will be Zimbabwean legend, Oliver Mtukudzi whose self-styled brand of Tuku Music takes him on regular international tours.


We then segue into a solo set from the legend himself, Mtukudzi, to give you a chance to catch your breath after the high energy dance moves of Shabalala Rhythm. before the infectious guitar riffs of Louis Mhlanga and his quintet close it all down from 5:30pm.

Comfort explains that getting a bunch of artists of this quality together has the potential to create something special at the festival.

“There were a couple of things that directed me to put together the program like this."

"For Africa Day in 2014 we hosted a line-up that featured Ethiopique band Akale Wube from France, Mtukudzi and Shabalala Rhythm. The energy, passion and joy that afternoon, was almost a tangible thing that you could touch and it whipped things into such a frenzy that the afternoon closed with all three acts on stage in an impromptu jam." 

"With Mhlanga having worked with Mtukudzi's on many occasions over the years and Mtukudzi being a regular collaborator with Shabalala, I am hoping that a bit of that Rainbow magic finds its way to Splashy, to give Fenners something special, something different, added Comfort."


Fans can purchase tickets online at splashyfen.co.za for R750 per person for the full 4-day festival. There is also a day pass option for Sunday 27 March at R200.

Organisers Take No Nonsense Approach To #Splashy2016

Underberg - With one month to go until the festival comes to life, fans can expect a host of exciting new changes to the Splashy Fen Music Festival offering this year with a bulked up approach to safety and security being taken by the organisers of the iconic four-day music festival, held in Underberg from 24-27 March.


Festival Operations Head, Andrew van Rensburg has made it clear that items of safety and security are vital to the smooth and successful running of the festival, and creating an environment for everyone to feel safe and enjoy themselves has been a major objective for the team.

“We have built a 3km fence that surrounds the back of the farm for additional security, and have a trusted working relationship with the SAPS in Himeville and the KwaSani Municipality who have given the event their full and undivided support.” - says van Rensburg.

While listening to the melodic sounds of Xavier Rudd at the main stage, or the jazzy tempo of Oliver Mtukudzi at the Rainbow Rhythm Sunday session, or the acoustic magic of Adelle Nquot, Splashy Fenners will feel at ease with a collective 123 security guards on scene, two sniffer dogs, six mounted police officers, eight undercover cops, KZN’s Crime Unit and 12 SAPS members whose main role is to ensure a safe and secure festival environment.

“The attendance of mounted police, SAPS, undercover cops and sniffer dogs shows a marked increase in the security measures and just how serious we are about creating the right environment for people to enjoy themselves,” says van Rensburg. “It’s definitely a no-nonsense festival this year.”

With glamping accommodation options; four unique stage areas; a Splashy Fen Coffee Village; a Country Club of craft breweries, lawn tennis and charging stations; a wide selection of food and craft stalls, a slick new venue layout and activities for the whole family to enjoy, the #Splashy Fen 2016 Revival is set to wow music-loving fans across the board.

Splashy Fen 2016 - The Revival takes place from 24-27 March in the picturesque setting of Underberg. More information and tickets can be found at splashyfen.co.za. General Admission Phase 2 tickets are available for R795 per person.

Photos by GamePlan Media


ALBERT FROST: Blues Legend

Rarely does one get to interview a living legend as young as this. Albert Frost, one of the most versatile musicians in this country has been performing for more than 20 years and has collaborated with almost every top artist in this country as well as played with various international acts like REM, the Rolling Stones and Simple Minds. He started playing when he was 12 but it was a last minute crisis that saw him missing a few days from school to fill in for the guitarist in his father’s band, the Blues Broers when he was only 17. He is variously known as the best all round musicians in this country and the master blues guitarist, amongst others. And one of the most mind-blowing facts about him is that he is completely self-taught. He was and is determined. He works hard. And it shows. He brings his all to every performance and lays it bare. And we love it.

alfrost yolanada saaymana

Photo by Yolanda Saayman

Few artists get the level of exposure and experience that you have had. What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

There are a few moments that stand out for me. Having worked with Arno Carstens and The Blues Broers tops my list. Other highlights include playing shows with Ali Farka Toure, Tim Robbins and The Blood Brothers.

What was it like to collaborate with nine other handpicked musicians on Blood Brothers and will this be repeated?

It was incredible for me, a true career highlight! The most fun I've had on any production to date. And yes, there's talk of more shows this year, can't wait.

Having done so much collaboration and played at most of the festivals in this country, what keeps it fresh for you?

It's the thought that there is an infinite amount of musical combinations out there to collaborate on. That is what keeps me going.

What are you working on at the moment?

I have just finished my first full-length studio album, which will be available in April. Otherwise, I'm busy working on various productions happening this year.

Blues is not primarily the music that South Africa is known for, and yet we have produced two excellent blues musicians, you and Dan Patlansky. Does that surprise you?

Not really considering blues is the first thing most guitarists learn to play on.

Who or what inspires you at the moment?

There is a surge of good quality music coming out of South Africa, and I find that inspiring.

Is there anything that you are dying to express at interviews - but no one ever asks you?

Most interviews are actually very similar, and stick to what is relevant.

Which musical instruments do you own and which one of them are you proudest to own?

I have a healthy cache of guitars as you can imagine! My favourite would be my red American Fender Stratocaster I bought in 2000, my first Fender endorsee acquisition.

Will you be at the Splashy Fen as Albert Frost, Blues Boers, Albert Frost trio, or collaborating with any number of the first class musicians performing there?

I am doing a solo set as well as collaborating with Arno Carstens.

What does it take to be true to the music?

You must draw yourself into the present when you play music. This way whatever you're playing will be true!

You have collaborated and performed with the many of the finest and greatest artists South Africa has produced, is there anyone that you would still like to work with locally?

Yes, and I plan to work with many more, starting with Loki Rohman being in the near future. The collaborations seem to present themselves, so I will probably just wait and see who approaches me!

More recently, some of the most electrifying performances have been when you have collaborated with Dan Patlansky. What makes this so and are you and Dan planning to do more together?

Dan and I share a passion for playing music and when we play together, the music goes to a sacred place, better than we could ever be apart.

Despite some forecasts about the decline in attendance of music festivals, companies like Nu-Ticket have reported a massive 300% increase in ticket sales. Is this evident at festivals?

There are so many new festivals popping up everywhere, meaning that people have more of a variety to choose from, but I have not really noticed a big difference at the big and established festivals.

In addition, does this translate in sales that benefit musicians?

I guess so; more festivals mean more opportunities.

Albert Frost: albertfrost.com | Blues Broers: bluesbroers.com

Drawing the Shortstraw

Shortstraw YOUTHLESS by Hanro Havenga 03

Shortstraw are definitely one of my favourite SA bands, my mate Tash is obsessed with them and I can’t say she has bad taste. The band has made huge, success out of themselves and rightfully so with their unique sound and quirky lyrics, really, what’s not to like? They are often playing gigs down here in the dirty South and have been added to this year’s Splashy Fen - Revival list. We had a chat with them about their last international tour and why they like playing at Splashy.

You guys recently did a tour in Japan, what was it like playing with Japanese bands?
It's a little intimidating, to be honest! They are all such incredible musicians - like serious masters of their craft - so they made us feel a little inferior a lot of the time, although once we got to know them - and I mean all of them, every single band we shared the stage with (and even some we didn't) - they made us feel so equal and at home on stage. It's such an incredible country with the most amazing people. So friendly and accommodating and, even with the language barrier in place, everyone we spent time with immediately became a friend. 
What are their festivals like?
I'm not sure if all Japanese festivals are like the one we played at, but the one we saw wasn't like Splashy where there's a bunch of massive stages a few hours out of town, this was all over a part of Osaka, in various clubs around an area that's called America, which is basically the musical hub of Osaka. Every venue has state of the art sound and lighting equipment, despite the fact that the majority of these clubs can't handle more than 100 people. But every show we went to, was packed and fortunately for us, the one we played was packed too. Didn't see any drum circles and there was no Fen, so still think we do festivals better. 
When are you going to do episode two of the 'Booshcast' on Soundcloud?
That's a damn good question! We really wanted to do one in December before we went on tour, but we were all chaotic trying to finish up work and I was sick and trying to recover before it started. I think we should do one bloody tomorrow! Look out for that. 
How many Splashy’s have you played at?
2016 will be our 4th year in a row! I've been going since I was a kid. Though, so it'll be about my 15th actual Splashy though. 
What’s your favourite thing about a Splashy Fen gig?
Definitely the crowd. Durban crowds are the best! Everyone is a little rowdy, without being aggressive, so there's loads of party and good times. 
If you were a Super Hero, what powers would you have?
I think it'd be cool to have the ability to control other people's sphincters. Like bad guy's sphincters only, though we wouldn't take advantage. 

Shortstraw YOUTHLESS by Hanro Havenga 01

Photo by Hanro Havenga

#Splashy2016 Jazzes Things up with Cool Camping Options

Splashy 2016 Jazzes Things up with Cool Camping Options

Underberg - With the iconic Splashy Fen music festival just over five weeks away, fans of the four-day festival in the foothills of the Southern Drakensberg have warmly welcomed the unique, new camping options that have been announced by the organisers. 

Research shows an increased interest in booking camping options available on site by fans who appear opposed to packing their own camping gear for the long weekend.

Revellers are snapping up the brand new Splashy TeePee purchase offer; a funky two man tent that comes inclusive of an air mattress, two sleeping bags, a solar lantern, and a private toilet section, in a fenced off area with added security, available for only R2600 (ex VAT) for two people. 


The organisers have added a further incentive when you purchase the Splashy TeePee offer in which you get to take it all home with you after the festival. 

“Glamping” has become an ever-popular fad and Splashy fans seeking something a bit more comfortable can look to the popular Harambee Tent. 

For R4250, two happy campers will enjoy accommodation in an A-Frame tent for four nights, complete with a real bed, bedding, bedside table and lamp, power points and a hot breakfast each morning with hot showers and VIP toilet area. 


Fans can book either of these options by calling 082 745 9540 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

This week sees the announcement of a dedicated Jazz line-up in the Rainbow Rhythm Sunday set in conjunction with Rainbow Restaurant. This highlights a significant development in the rebirth of the Splashy Fen Music Festival

“Jazz is a key part of Splashy Fen and will continue to be in years to come,” says Stu Berry, Festival Director. “To welcome Jazz legends such as OLIVER MTUKUDZI and LOUIS MHLANGA to the Splashy Fen stage, shows that we’re serious about staging a cross section of the best music in South Africa”. 


The cutting-edge 80's Rock Show celebrates and pays tribute to the best alternative rock bands of the decade. After sold-out runs at The Barnyard Theatre circuit, fans are in for a musical rock treat on Saturday night with a repertoire that includes songs by REM, DURAN DURAN, VIOLENT FEMMES, BILLY IDOL and THE CLASH to name a few! 

In addition, fans can get excited about a foot-stomping line-up to take place at the popular Electric Boma showcasing South Africa’s top Electronic Dance Music artists. Positioned in the fallen forest area on Splashy Fen Farm, the Boma is strategically situated away from the main campsites. 

Splashy has teamed up with Uber Cool Events to host a 3-day line-up of acts that include HAEZER, NISKERONE, POP ART LIVE, VERANDA PANDA, IVAN TURANJANIN, NIGHT VISION and more than 23 supporting acts. 

Regular announcements of new artists and bands are made on the Splashy Fen Facebook page. A full line-up will be announced shortly, and in true Splashy Fen style, will include up-and-coming acts looking to expose themselves to music-loving fans. These include the likes of BAD PETER Forefront, THE MOTHERLAND, CHERRY VINYL, LUATICWOLF and many more. 

Fans can purchase tickets online at splashyfen.co.za General Admission Phase 1 tickets at R750 per person, are set to sell out in the next few days at which point the General Admission Phase 2 tickets for R795 per person will become available.

Splashy Fen 2016 - The Revival takes place from 24-27 March in the picturesque setting of Underberg. More information can be found at splashyfen.co.za

XAVIER RUDD To Headline Splashy Fen

The long Easter weekend in 2016 will be one to remember, as the Splashy Fen Trout Farm in Underberg is transformed into a magical musical festival for one and all. Over 80 musicians will perform for fans across 5 unique stage areas throughout the iconic 4-day festival.

Today marks a momentous occasion as Splashy Fen announces, with great pride and excitement, that internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist XAVIER RUDD will be headlining at the festival.

xavier rudd splashy 2016

Photographic Source: xavierrudd.com

“We are extremely excited to have worked a deal to bring an international artist to Splashy Fen in 2016.  Music is a global language, and Splashy has not had many international performers over the years,” says business Director of Impi Concept Events, Stu Berry. “The announcement of Xavier Rudd and his band as one of our headliners is a massive occasion for Splashy Fen and all those who have supported the festival over the years.”

The Splashy Fen new look website launched earlier this week, and along with its social media channels, promises to keep fans informed and up-to-date with new act announcements, ticket sales information and general festival plans. Early Bird tickets go on sale on the 14th of December, and start at only R590 to the first 1000 tickets.

Tickets are available at splashyfen.co.za.

“We are thrilled to announce Xavier Rudd to the lineup of musicians to Splashy Fen 2016, but will continue to remain true to Splashy’s core values with regards to supporting local South African acts, which will make up over 90% of our lineup,” reassured Berry. Other festival acts include South African favourites Mango Groove, Goodluck, Dan Patlansky, Grassy Spark, The Kickstans and Chico Muyo… plus many more!

Take a listen to XAVIER RUDD below!

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