Interview with Neil Breytenbach on his side-project called 'Cantrel'

David Devo Oosthuizen had a chat to Neil Breytenbach on his project called 'Cantrel'. Neil is a KZN Based Songwriter & Producer and lo...

20-09-2017 | David Devo Oosthuizen

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CRADLE OF FILTH: New Album Details and Launch Date Announced

Sometimes, it seems, the monsters are very real. We live in increasingly dark times and it is the duty of the most inspirational musicians...

15-09-2017 | Press Release

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BRIQUEVILLE “II” (2017) Pelagic Records

So, let me start with this nugget of truth - Briqueville is a band that will scare the shit out of you, guaranteed! On the surface, they are...

15-09-2017 | David Devo Oosthuizen

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ATTRITION Release 'The Attrition of Reason - Redux'

ATTRITION are pleased to announce 'The Attrition of Reason - Redux', first released on vinyl on Third Mind Records in 1984. This album was...

14-09-2017 | Frederic Egersdorfer

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Listen: Interview with Wayne and Alvin Boucher from Deity's Muse

Mere days away from heading to Germany to proudly represent South Africa at the mighty EUROBLAST Festival, David Devo Oosthuizen from Unde...

13-09-2017 | David Devo Oosthuizen

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Aidan Martin 'Refugee' Album Launch Details

Cape Town Blues Rocker Aidan Martin is launching his highly anticipated album 'REFUGEE' on the 30th September at the Mercury Live. With...

12-09-2017 | Press Release

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