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MUSIC2DEAL: The Music Business Network

MUSIC2DEAL is the perfect place for professionals in the music industry to connect with each other and share their business and offer their ...

27-07-2017 | Editorials | Frederic Egersdorfer

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David Devo Oosthuizen had a chat to Matty Mullins, lead vocalist of Dallas-based Metalcore band Memphis May Fire who will be rocking South...

24-07-2017 | Interviews | David Devo Oosthuizen

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Audio Interview: David Devo Oosthuizen Chats to Eddie Hermida from Suicide Silen…

Our main man, David Devo Oosthuizen from Devographic, sits down with Eddie Hermida from Suicide Silence, two days before their self-titled 5...

24-02-2017 | Interviews | David Devo Oosthuizen

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Beer and Adventure at Pecanwood Oktoberfest

Voted SA's No 1 sport & lifestyle festival and KZN's biggest beer fest, Pecanwood Oktoberfest did not disappoint this year with its wi...

02-11-2016 | Arts and Culture | Kerry Witting

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A Dose of Medicine Boy

If their lead single E.V.I.L is any indication, MEDICINE BOY straddles the line that divides the boundaries of the mundane world and the o...

15-08-2016 | Interviews | Russell Miller

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Returning To Love with The Graeme Watkins Project

Hit singles, rigorous gigging, and various side projects often leave artists yearning for the opportunity to take a step back and re-centr...

20-07-2016 | Interviews | Frederic Egersdorfer

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Cultural Appropriate

When is appropriation appropriate?  Social justice warriors the world over have been fighting the good fight across a myriad of issues...

15-05-2016 | Editorials | Russell Miller

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ROXPHERE Releases Debut Single – ‘GOOD ENOUGH’

Today the 13th of May ROXPHERE, an 'energetic indie pop/rock blend with a mix of R&B twin brother duo from Pretoria', is releasing their...

13-05-2016 | Interviews | Anonymous Contributor

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Reflections of Autonomy in Artistry

One could be excused for thinking that having an open-minded, culturally driven artistic community in Pretoria is something akin only to v...

13-05-2016 | Arts and Culture | Thabiso Legodi

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Alexandra May Releases Debut Single - AMAZING

The David Gresham Record Company is proud to announce the release of the debut single of teenage pop sensation ALEXANDRA MAY, entitled AMAZI...

15-04-2016 | Interviews | Contributing Writer

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DJ Melitia: Pimping The Decks

DJ Melitia has a vast range of different genres that she mixes namely: Hip Hop, electronic, jazz, blues, punk rock and rock n roll. It&rsq...

30-03-2016 | Interviews | Kerry Witting

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Karabo On Idols 2015 and beyond

Karabo’s story of eventually winning Idols 2015 is such an inspirational one. Rising up from the first comments from the judges in his...

30-03-2016 | Interviews | Kerry Witting

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