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HEZRON CHETTY - Origins reconsidered: Chasing answers and finding questions in I…

Recently Hezron Chetty and Girlfriend Julienne Fenwick Jumped on a plane and headed across India on a totally random, yet spontaneous h...

14-01-2016 | Hezron Chetty and Julienne Fenwick

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ALBERT FROST: Blues Legend

Rarely does one get to interview a living legend as young as this. Albert Frost, one of the most versatile musicians in this country ha...

17-02-2016 | Jenny Calder

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ROXETTE Live at Durban ICC

ROXETTE'S supporting band was WATERSHED, a firm South African favourite. They have had great success both locally and internationally and th...

04-02-2016 | Kerry Witting

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Plushyfest Entertains, Yet Again.

September 5th 2015, marked the second year of the now annual, #plushyfest, a charity event created by Hybrid Entertainment SA in 2014, in or...

14-09-2015 | Mystery Ryder

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Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness (BCUC)

Photo Source: Facebook | Photo credit unknown Please, could you tell us more about your name and how it came about? Bantu Continua U...

19-02-2016 | James Hammerton

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Milky Chance - Rocking Durban Live

Walking in the entrance, you instantly feel like you are at a day festival instead of a concert. Lots of food stalls and beer tents!  ...

10-10-2015 | Caid Auliya Pontus

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Mumford and it's Gone: 1 minute and 22 seconds

Photo credit: Fanart.tv That is how long it took for all the tickets in the country to SELL OUT for the Mumford & Sons event. Your br...

04-09-2015 | Caid Auliya Pontus

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Interview With Durban Based Band, Life Below

So I've been watching this bands rise for the past year, and when their recent EP dropped, the urge to write about them and share them wit...

08-09-2015 | Caid Pontus

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Watch: Kartakou Warmer and Colossus Preamp

What is it: This is a two parter review. The Colossus preamp is a high gain monster of a pre amp for guitarists that are looking for a ...

12-12-2015 | Russell Wells

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Gerald Clark - The Man Behind the Golden Voice

Gerald Clark is an accomplished South African musician recognised for his extraordinary ability to tell a story with his music. He is one of...

14-09-2015 | Press Releas

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Who is OH ROXY? #ThisIsMe

Why the 'Oh' in front of Roxy? 'Oh' goes perfectly with my personality. I couldn't just be Roxy. I had to be OH Roxy! Something you can sho...

11-03-2016 | Super User

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Album Review: ZEITGEIST ZERO - Ghosts of Victory

It’s been ages since I last reviewed an international band. One of our biggest supporters at Underground Press and one of my favorit...

22-12-2015 | Frederic Egersdorfer

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RODRIGUEZ Live at Durban ICC

Durban ICC has been host to many a great artist. When UNDERGROUND PRESS was invited to cover RODRIGUEZ live at the ICC, the excitement level...

02-02-2016 | Kerry Witting

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Drawing the Shortstraw

Shortstraw are definitely one of my favourite SA bands, my mate Tash is obsessed with them and I can’t say she has bad taste. The ba...

17-02-2016 | Kerry Witting

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The Lucky Packet: Alice Phoebe Lou At ColourBox Studios

When Big Concerts announced that Alice Phoebe Lou would be the opening act for the legendary Rodriguez on his South Africa tour, I thought...

27-02-2016 | Yolanda Saayman

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