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Review Slow Jack – 'Ode To The Future'

| Single

By Frederic Egersdörfer

Published Thursday, 18 May 2017 12:16

First seen on stage in January 2016, Slow Jack, a pop-rock band out of Cape Town has since been rocking the local music scene with growing international interest in their music. Slow Jack just released their third single, 'Ode to The Future.' Take a listen below! 

Ode to the Future’ – opening up with the words… “Can you see the Future…?”

Well, Slow Jack certainly are a band to keep your eyes on for the future. Slow Jack is impressive and pleasing to the ears with their new song, ‘Ode to the Future’, which opens slowly with an acoustic feel and eventually explodes into an energetic rhythm that reveals their versatile genius.


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>> Wednesday, 09 November 2022 08:53

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Slow Jack

  • Pop Rock

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About Slow Jack

A Product of the coastal city of Cape Town South Africa, where everything is perceived to happen at its own leisurely pace, the city’s special vibrations filters through the unique sound of Slow Jack.
Drawing their inspiration from their surrounds, the music and lyrics speak of abundance, hardship and everyday life that affect us all.


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