CRAIG LUCAS: New Single and Debut Album Available for Pre-Order

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Today sees the official release of a brand new single by CRAIG LUCAS - The Voice 2017 winner, entitled 'SMOTHER'. His debut album, 'RESTLESS' is set for release on 27 October 2017 and is available for pre-order from today.

'SMOTHER' was written earlier this year during a writing session with Jethro Tait. Jethro played CRAIG a guitar riff and spoke about an idea he had revolving around the concept of being smothered.  Melodies and lyrics started pouring out of them and they finished the track within 45 minutes.

“The inspiration behind the single stems from being so in love with someone, that you ignore that fact that they are hurting you. It comes from being in a toxic relationship when you build your life around someone and you are willing to accept all the shit as long as you can be with the person. The person in the song is so deep in that he is willing to put up with being cheated on and being treated badly as long as he can be with his love.”

The single differs from CRAIG’s first single ‘I Said This’ both lyrically and sonically; it has a dark Pop feel with heavy electronic and alternative elements with a mid-tempo ballad.

“Smother is one of my favourite tracks from the new album. I love performing it live. I am happy that a track that I wrote is a single – songwriting is one of my biggest passions. It is the kind of music I would listen to. I am very excited about it being the 2nd single so that people can see this darker more alternative side of me.”

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'RESTLESS' Available For Pre-Order

'RESTLESS, CRAIG LUCAS’ debut album is available for pre-order from today. The album is set for release on 27 October 2017. Pre-order the album today and receive ‘I Said This’ and ‘Smother (Alternative Version)’ instantly!

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