Alice Phoebe Lou: Year of Love Tour at The Shed, Stellenbosch

 Alice Phoebe Lou Year of Love Tour2018 3

It was a scorching hot day in Stellenbosch and the last official performance of Alice Phoebe Lou’s South African leg of Year of Love Tour.

As the audience becomes to know her, she shares her stage with various musicians and artists and creates a playground for all willing to participate in the experience. 

“Calm the fuck down and unclench your fist, I can’t see you through the mist…” 

It seemed fitting to start the show with a pacifier.  

Nobody was focusing on the fact that the beautiful Western Cape is experiencing the worst drought in decades.  The heat could not stop the fans. They were, at The Shed to experience the last leg of Alice’s Year of Love Tour in South Africa. 

Alice just has a way of winning you over with her sincerity and infectious smile.  Since seeing her open for the legendary Rodriquez a few years ago, it has become a tradition to watch her perform live in the Mother City.  

How refreshing to see Alice meet her guests and collect ticket stubs at the door with mom, Joelle Chesselet!  Superstars don’t do that. A superstar doesn’t mingle with the fans and sits among the crowd watching and listening to the bands she handpicked to share her stage with. 

She continues to write and create in her own right and has recently launched the EP Sola to raise funds to publish her third album.

Alice is truly unique and her music remains authentic and inspiring. She performs with such humility.  She simply does not let fame blind her or get in the way of her focus, which is to make music and to be happy. She lives her philanthropy through sharing her music, the ultimate gift, with those less fortunate.

With this attitude of gratitude and giving, she receives, in abundance. 

The song 'She' was recently shortlisted for the Oscars in the Best Original Song category, for its appearance in the documentary "Bombshell".

I hope to see her again soon, but next time in a realm where she feels at home, on the streets of Berlin.

Photographs by Yolanda Saayman

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