BRYNN - 'Querencia'

BRYNN - 'Querencia' Tatyana Levana Photography BRYNN - 'Querencia'

BRYNN Photo by Tatyana Levana PhotographyPhoto by Tatyana Levana Photography

'Querencia' is BRYNN's latest offering to our much beloved South African music scene. Bringing you a fresh new approach to the Alternative/Folk Rock sound.

BRYNN are a five-piece band hailing from, Cape Town, South Africa. Their passionate and powerful live performances have earned them a loyal local following. With each member of the band introducing an explosive, fresh, passionate approach in their sound that is truly unique to the South African music scene.

My take on ‘Querencia’

It’s quite rare that you will find me taking on a new album with enthusiasm. I’m usually very difficult to please when it comes to music. You have to catch me off guard. With Brynn, I had no idea what to expect when I decided to listen to ‘Querencia’

Very few bands I’ve heard can do this with me. They did everything I expected from a band that takes themselves professionally. Since it was my first encounter with BRYNN’s sound. I was very impressed with their debut album. 

BRYNN know how to reach for your emotions. They know how to take you on their journey.

As a musician, you have to know how to carry yourself in the lyrics, your vocals and understand the limits of your instrument and how to stretch it beyond its capacity. This is what each individual person brought to the sound, for BRYNN surely take themselves professionally.

Don’t let ‘Querencia’ slip through your fingers. This is a must-have, album to add to your collection.

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You can buy 'Querencia' at iTunes now!

Take a listen to 'About Time' off 'Querencia' below!

Watch 'Querencia' below!


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