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The first song, ‘2Twenty2’ opens up in chaos and confusion making you feel rather overwhelmed and enthralled by this Garage Rock infusion. But don’t let this deter you yet.

Jon’s solo project successfully takes you back into time with his post-modern post-blues Rock sound. Reminding me of something more like Jack White and a little of Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy and Jimmy Page combined.

By the time we reach ‘Mirror Man’ and carry over to ‘Message Through Sound’, we are completely captured by his unique vocal tones and lyrical genius, and thus begins the setting for the rest of the album.

When we arrive at ‘The Hill’, we begin to hear some acoustic keys and a guitar taking us to the top. I was very much in my element and definitely enjoying this album.

Classic emotions rush through my veins and “sounds like early Black Sabbath” comes to mind when hearing ‘Cpt James Pinto’, telling a story of a sailor’s return home.

Jon Lantic has revolutionised that 70’s Rock sound in the 21st century and his music will reach new generations who will definitely be yearning for more.

I rate this album an 8 / 10 and definitely believe that Jon is another artist to watch closely. 

Listen to the full album here!

 Photography by Bianca Smit Photography

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