LED ZEPPLIN Tribute Show With a Whole Lotta Love

ood Luck Bar was alive with a whole lotta love of old-time rockers for the Led Zepplin Tribute show on Sunday, 5 November. An unforgettable evening of true of rock ‘n roll, because Led Zepplin can pull a crowd any day of the week, on purpose.

Crackerjacks, Cito from Wonderboom on vocals, Chris van der Walt bassist from Black Cat Bones, Jason Oosthuizen drummer from Lost and Found amongst other projects, Neil Breytenbach on keys from Prime Circle and Werner “Rokstar” Bosman on lead guitar.

IMG 20171108 henry engelbrecht

When you get incredibly talented musicians who are mavens of their craft together onstage they create pure rock ‘n roll magic! Cito, The Jesus Christ Superstar has risen again, this time as Robert Plant of Led Zepplin. I saw it with my own eyes. Cito’s vocal range was breathtaking (as always) and nailed every song! His soul was on fire as well as the rest of the band. The technical work of these musicians is impeccable. Werner playing his guitar with a violin bow, mind-blowing. Chris making his guitar scream, Jason performing one of the best drum solo’s I have ever seen. Werner’s technicality on guitar is amazing and Neil bringing in the keys just flowed. This took no effort, these guys do this daily. They show up, get on stage and doing what they do best… to perform, for us.

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Last night was next level in terms of the SA music industry. With only 5 rehearsals in-between their own bands, releasing albums and touring, they managed performed pure magic on stage. I believe this is the birth of some something great.

This show was one of the most vocally challenging to pull off and Cito did it. Epic!! Music maestros and the highest respect for every band member for this show.

Thanks to Jason Oosthuizen for manifesting this vision, Gareth Wilson at Good Luck Bar providing an awesome venue and the techies that delivered a quality show behind the scenes with incredible sound.

To see random visuals and videos from the show, check out social media posts on Facebook and……Ramble on!

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Photo Credit: Henry Engelbrecht