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"Aimed for the moon and landed up amongst the stars." Tarryne Rautenbach is passionate about music as she is often seen taking photographs of rockstars and capturing moments in time. "Music feeds my soul and has supported me to photograph some of the world's best bands." "Never settle for bad music, bad conversations or bad coffee." Tarryne is a qualified makeup artist, myofascial release practitioner in both Bowen Therapy and Emmert Technique modalities based in Johannesburg. You can find Tarryne on Facebook: Tarryne Rautenbach Photography  and Twitter: @Tarryne16

Friday, 22 February 2019 07:54

Bryan Ferry Live at Sun Arena, Time Square

Beyond the Music, Lies the Magic and The Legend – Reflections of Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry JHB 16 Feb 2019 photo by Tarryne Rautenbach 7686

The legendary frontman man of Roxy Music who remains the master of romantic slaves to love Bryan Ferry, put on a stellar intimate show with his band in Johannesburg on 16 February at Sun Arena Menlyn Maine. A night of reflection for everyone as to where it all started in the 1970’s era of Roxy Music. The same time of Velvet Underground and David Bowie amongst other great artists. Over 30 million albums have been sold to date inclusive of Roxy Music.

Although the audience of different generations (including myself) were quite comfortable to sit back and watch the magic on stage unfold over a 23 song setlist, they all resonated with the past. Some in the aisles, others singing at the top of their lungs. It would have been great for a merchandise stand to be available at the show to purchase the ultimate Bryan Ferry collection. People love acquiring rock ‘n roll collectables.

However, I am not sure people realise the magnitude of what they saw. I heard Slave to Love when I was 9 years old on the radio and then on vinyl NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL MUSIC Vol 5. My parents had the whole collection of albums (remember with the Pig on the covers). Music was a “thing” in our house and I recall recording the music video on Betamax videotape from Pop Shop that was the biggest, best and only show that played music videos in the 80's in South Africa.

To have a photo accreditation and see Bryan perform 30+ years later was absolutely mind-blowing - a reflection of the past and now on my camera.

Through times of happiness, love, sorrow and sadness, he sings about it all.

He recorded Shakespeare Sonnet No 18 after the tragic passing of Princess Diana in 1997, which appeared on the compilation “The Diana Tribute Album”. The most picturesque performance of poetry with an orchestra I have ever heard that will leave chills down your spine.

In 2011 he received a CBE (Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) from the Queen for his contribution to music.

Keeping up with the times and of the evolution of music he sang vocals on the song “Shameless” on Groove Aramda’s album “Black Light” in 2010 which received a nomination for the 53rd Grammy Awards in category “Best Electronic Dance album”.

Bryan is like fine art, classy and sophisticated with the love of life in monochrome. He is a Doctor of music, profound songsmith and musical genius with extreme attention to detail in music composition. His story is intriguing and legendary, and that’s a whole book on its own. Later this year he will be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame with Roxy Music in the ceremony alongside The Cure, Def Leppard, Janet Jackson, Stevie Nicks, Radiohead, and The Zombies.

Its goes without saying that Bryan’s legendary legacy deserves a backed up “pedigree” and that’s only half of it. He has handpicked specialist musicians in their fields to be part of his journey. The whole is only equal to the sum of its parts.

Chris Spedding – Lead Guitar

Chris has tackled every rock n roll style available. In the 1970’s he was the most sought after session guitarist in England and has been in multiple bands including The Wombles. He performed on the original Jesus Christ Superstar in 1970 and has also taken part in the documentary of Rodriguez, Finding Sugar Man. This has played session for Katy Melua, Art Garfunkel, Ginger Baker amongst, Joan Armatrading, amongst many others including an appearance on Paul Mc Cartney's “Give My Regards To Broad Street” in 1984 playing session with Linda Mc Cartney. He was the producer of the Sex Pistols first demo tapes recorded in May 1976.

Jerry Meehan – Bass #jerrymeehan

Jerry is the bass player for Robby Williams and has performed alongside Stevie Wonder, Annie Lennox, Roxy Music, Lisa-Marie Presley, Will Young, Midge Ure and Boyzone.

Marina Moore – Violin / Viola

Marina enjoys composing music, videos and creating soundscapes.

Richard Cadwell – Keyboard

Richard performs on keys and is the musical director for the Bryan Ferry tour band. He has performed with Eurhythmics and Annie Lennox, James Morrison, John Newman, Dido, Rod Stewart, Will Young, Joe Cocker, Nelly Furtado, Lighthouse Family, Natasha Beefing-Field and Sophie Ellis-Bexter.

Luke Bullen – Drummer

Performances with Jo Strummer and The Mescaleros, KT Tunstall as well as touring the world with Billy Brag until he then got a call to audition for Bryan Ferry.

Jorja Chalmers – Saxophonist

The incredible sound of Jorja’s sax takes the band to the next level.

Hannah Khemoh and Aleysha Gordon on backing vocals carry the harmonies.

Incredible to see how the music that has moved through a timeline of over 40 years and still relevant to this day.

The evenings set list of Bryan Ferry’s favourites:

The Main Thing | Slave To Love | Don't Stop The Dance | Ladytron | Out Of The Blue | Oh Yeah!
Casanova | A Waste Land | Windswept | Bete Noire | Zamba Stronger Through The Years
Bitter Sweet | My Only Love | In Every Dream Home A Heartache
If There Is Something | Re-make/Re-model | More Than This
Avalon | Love Is The Drug | Virginia Plain | Jealous Guy | Let's Stick Together



  • Bryan_Ferry_JHB_16_Feb_2019_photo_by_Tarryne_Rautenbach-7300_Arno_Carstens
  • Bryan_Ferry_JHB_16_Feb_2019_photo_by_Tarryne_Rautenbach-7520_Arno_Carstens
  • Bryan_Ferry_JHB_16_Feb_2019_photo_by_Tarryne_Rautenbach-7662
  • Bryan_Ferry_JHB_16_Feb_2019_photo_by_Tarryne_Rautenbach-7686
  • Bryan_Ferry_JHB_16_Feb_2019_photo_by_Tarryne_Rautenbach-7724
  • Bryan_Ferry_JHB_16_Feb_2019_photo_by_Tarryne_Rautenbach-7811
  • Bryan_Ferry_JHB_16_Feb_2019_photo_by_Tarryne_Rautenbach-7817
  • Bryan_Ferry_JHB_16_Feb_2019_photo_by_Tarryne_Rautenbach-7905
  • Bryan_Ferry_JHB_16_Feb_2019_photo_by_Tarryne_Rautenbach-7916
  • Bryan_Ferry_JHB_16_Feb_2019_photo_by_Tarryne_Rautenbach-7948
  • Bryan_Ferry_JHB_16_Feb_2019_photo_by_Tarryne_Rautenbach-7951
  • Bryan_Ferry_JHB_16_Feb_2019_photo_by_Tarryne_Rautenbach-7954
  • Bryan_Ferry_JHB_16_Feb_2019_photo_by_Tarryne_Rautenbach-7955
  • Bryan_Ferry_JHB_16_Feb_2019_photo_by_Tarryne_Rautenbach-7962
  • Bryan_Ferry_JHB_16_Feb_2019_photo_by_Tarryne_Rautenbach-7979
  • Bryan_Ferry_JHB_16_Feb_2019_photo_by_Tarryne_Rautenbach-8021

With heartfelt gratitude, Arno Carstens humbly accepted an invitation to join Bryan at both the Cape Town and Johannesburg shows for his South African tour. A stellar set indeed that included the biggest Springbok Nude Girls hit “Blue Eyes” and the chart-topper that launched Arno’s solo career “Another Universe”. (I can only imagine how it must have felt to get “that phone call”.)

Bryan won’t be stopping hanging up his dancing shoes anytime soon and Arno won’t be forgetting being a part of this journey.

An incredible opening set! | An incredible backing band! | An incredible international icon!

‘Nuff said.

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Photos by Tarryne Rautenbach

Guns N Roses 29 Nov 2018 UPress 6625

It's great to be alive in this era of rock n roll music especially when you are able to see Gun ‘N Roses perform after 30 something years.

What a night! The gods of rock turned FNB Stadium into Paradise City on 29 November 2018 for sure, taking some fans back to the days of when they were just 10 years old. The music took control. Hanging onto every word and guitar riff, sentimental and magic moments were made throughout the night with cellphone photos and videos, Facebook and Twitter posts as well as merchandise memorabilia to remind us (and in time to come) that these moments happened.

WonderBoom are true bred rock ‘n rollers full of heart and soul, and still on the rocking rollercoaster 22 years later. They warmed up the stage with some old favourites and some dark new alternative that they don’t get to play very often. This was their moment, they owned it, and they rocked it. Never had they ever imagined having an opportunity to open for GNR – a dream come true. Their energy was remarkable, bringing the people together once again, all slaving to the habit and rewinding to the good old days.

They slammed out a 30 minute set of 9 songs. However, anyone who has seen them perform live will know the show is not over for them until 'Charlie' goes down.

WonderBoom Setlist:GNR Wonderboom 29 Nov 2018 6551

Great To Be Alive
Southern Light
Never Ever
Ooh La
In Place of Something
Something Wrong

Sharing the stage with GNR will undoubtedly be one of the best side stories WonderBoom have to tell in this lifetime.

We were walking through the tunnel to get to the stage – it felt like we're all part of the same weird dream at some point. We were made for the big stage and we can do them well. It was a blessing for us to perform on this level in our home stadium and supported by our people and this will be a night we will never ever forget!“ – Martin Schofield


  • GNR_Wonderboom_29_Nov_2018-6086
  • GNR_Wonderboom_29_Nov_2018-6272
  • GNR_Wonderboom_29_Nov_2018-6342

Then it was time for the legendary big L.A, guns. The opening visual production had incredible graphics. The GNR setlist kept 56 000 people engaged non-stop for 3 hours over 29 songs.

They have an unbelievable captivating and relentless energy on stage, like well-oiled machines, they never stopped once. Professional, tight, slick, on point on every key – absolute perfection. The guitars were mind-blowing!

Axl Rose is still a fashion trendsetter and showman of note, with an enormous energy on stage. Masses of people looked so cool in character dressed like Axl and Slash.

Slash was on absolute fire. He is a gentleman guitarist has the hand of god and being an iconic figure makes GNR what it is. To the tuned ear you can hear him a mile away like an Aston Martin at full tilt.


  • Guns_N_Roses_29_Nov_2018_UPress-6592
  • Guns_N_Roses_29_Nov_2018_UPress-6625
  • Guns_N_Roses_29_Nov_2018_UPress-6632

"One riff and shred and you know its Slash. I lost count of how many guitar changes he had – maybe 25?"

Duff McKagan, however, is one the coolest and slickest musicians, Richard Fortus is an unbelievable guitarist (that sound of the Gretsch White Falcon), Frank Ferrer thundered on drums from start to finish (who probably has the hardest job in the band), Melissa Reese and Dizzy Reed stellar on keyboards. Top notch performance by Guns N’ Roses, they never disappointed and made magic on stage just as we knew they would.

The band have performed approximately 150+ shows on this world tour which is now coming to an end after 3 years on the road. Who knows what the future holds for GNR. Maybe they will machine a new album, however, it doesn’t really matter, we know them for what they have given to the world in this life, and that’s enough. For us that have been privy to own and see GNR live can consider ourselves fortunate as they are one in a million!

Let’s not forget the great albums they have written – Lies, Use Your Illusion 1 and 2, The Spaghetti Incident, Appetite for Destruction, Chinese Democracy. Those albums will always be true to our hearts because we’re GnFnR for life and always be soldiers of their following! Their music will continue to live long after they are gone.

They have one of the most profound stories to tell in rock ‘n roll history and some band members have performed in some the greatest rock bands of our time, but that’s a story for another day.

Thank you to Big Concerts and TPW Agency for another stellar event and to everyone involved behind the scenes to make this incredible show happen.

GUNS 'N ROSES Gallery cont.

  • Guns_N_Roses_29_Nov_2018_UPress-6733
  • Guns_N_Roses_29_Nov_2018_UPress-6742
  • Guns_N_Roses_29_Nov_2018_UPress-6743


WONDERBOOM Gallery cont.

  • GNR_Wonderboom_29_Nov_2018-6142
  • GNR_Wonderboom_29_Nov_2018-6404
  • GNR_Wonderboom_29_Nov_2018-6409
  • GNR_Wonderboom_29_Nov_2018-6421
  • GNR_Wonderboom_29_Nov_2018-6422
  • GNR_Wonderboom_29_Nov_2018-6423

All Photos by Tarryne Rautenbach


Thursday, 14 June 2018 11:30

Katy Perry – Witness The Tour

She’s a character called Katy Perry!

The no-nonsense-girl-next-door who’s made her own documentary, the realist to shake things up, and the superhuman you want to meet. She’s love and light and all fireworks!

With bated breath, the time has arrived for the Katy Cats to see their star at work on her WITNESS TOUR next month from 18-21 July at the Ticket Pro Dome in Johannesburg with support acts THE DOLLS (a DJ’ing act) and ELLE B, Katy’s lead backup singer. Be prepared for a show stopper to remember!

The Dollselle b 1

Her music is an expression of her own thoughts and opinions from subjects of the taboo, love, politics and the unknown. She loves the cultural expression and uses her platform to encourage young people to have their own "point of view and perspective" of the world.

Katy describes her music as not just Neapolitan strawberry, vanilla and chocolate, it’s mint and chips too! There’s a flavour for everyone.

Who knows, maybe she will be adding some South African heritage vibe to her shows after she experiences a taste of the African continent?

Katy Cats will undoubtedly feel like they have just woken up in Vegas with a show that is rated out of this world! Katy will continuously reinvent herself with larger than life props, vivacious and energetic choreography and costume changes during the set list. I bet it’s going to take few shipping containers to get her rig here. Every photographer’s visual dream to capture.

Kevin Mazur Getty kp 1

Whilst ticket sales have left some SA’s families broke, saving every cent and others heart sore due to costs involved to see a show of this proportion, it’s worth eating jam sandwiches for the next few weeks.

Some tickets are still available, but not for long! The opening show takes place on a school night, so ensure you get your coffee fix the following morning!

The biggest pop sparkler ever brought to South Africa. Another Big Concerts experience!

See it three times if you have to! Witness the tour!

Katy Perry – Witness The Tour

Thursday, 15 March 2018 07:34


Myles Kennedy UP JHB 10 March 2018 3828


But what a dork!

A humble man, a beautiful soul blessed with a voice that can decorate silence like no other.

Bad weather conditions led to a 72 hour journey for Myles Kennedy to get to the south of Africa. In the ensuing chaos he arrived without his guitars but they managed to arrive just in time to kick off his solo album and acoustic shows in South Africa with a series of promoting his new album #YearofTheTiger that dropped on 9 March while on tour in SA.

It was Saturday night but there was absolutely no way South African rocker Michael Naranjo (who named his band ONE DAY REMAINS after and Alter Bridge song) would play a gig when his hero was in town.

Time Square in Menlyn, Pretoria filled out in anticipation of something special as they waited for the Alter Bridge frontman to take the stage. Die-hard fans wearing their Alter Bridge paraphernalia along with recent converts in Kings of Chaos T-shirts, reminisced about the last time they saw Myles rock out on stage with Slash at Sun City in 2013.

And boy did they get something special!

Myles has a versatile style that can rock harder than Led Zeppelin or perform as graciously as Leonard Cohen. No lights and pyros needed for this intimate show, just a man and his guitar.

A story telling evening from the days of Mayfield Four (that was the start of an evolution) pulling out songs over two decades that included The Conspirators, Alter Bridge and tracks off his new solo album #YearofTheTiger.

Highlight of the show was the encore with his cover of “Levon” by Elton John (one of his favourite songs) and his rendition of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. You could hear a pin drop in the arena. The man sang from the depth of his soul, often loosing himself in the moment.

There were moments were Myles really dug deep as a song writer and astounded the audience with just how consistently good his singing is. Proceedings took a bizarre, albeit funny twist, when a male voice cried out from the crowd proclaiming “I want to have your babies”. Myles chuckled as he began to sing, stopped and acknowledged the request retorting “Unless you have had a medical procedure or are a woman with a really deep voice, it wont happen”.

Once the laughter had died down Myles got down to business and started the next song, the more he thought about the comment, the funnier he found it and the audience took great pleasure in discovering that “rock god” Myles Kennedy is also human.

During the encore requests for him to perform “ Hallelujah” got more persuasive as shout outs came from the audience and the arena took on a rock ‘n roll church and standing ovation.

The incredible buzz that Myles left on the stage permeated in to the foyer and energy manifested itself to long lost friends catching up and exchanging phone numbers to stay in touch.

People were holding on to this moment forever eagerly purchasing merchandise so they could claim “been there, done that, got the T-shirt”. No doubt Myles can hold on to his moments too when in South Africa with the gift of a personalised Kings of Chaos 2013 photobook which I gave him.

I’m am not sure that Myles knows how influential he is on South African musicians? I saw people crying during his performance, others mumbling that they need to raise the bar on their guitar techniques and be like Myles.


Myles Kennedy UP JHB 10 March 2018 3856


“Somehow I heard the song “Open Your Eyes” by Alter Bridge but I never knew who this band was so I bought their album “One Day Remains”. The sound of this amazing vocalist was a great motivating factor to go heavy. I started writing. By the time ‘BLACKBIRD’ came out, we had signed a deal and our band was called ONE DAY REMAINS inspired by the Alter Bridge song. The amazing energy Myles has as a true human being, big heart, family first, humble and down to earth is a real representation of what a real rock star is about in our time. Myles coming back to South Africa and seeing him perform live relit that fire within 10 years later, and I feel it could be time for One Day Remains to make a comeback again”.  Michael Naranjo 

“Overwhelmed by his performance, the ability to be spectacular and humble were astonishing and the joy that the show brought was beyond mind-blowing. A true privilege to see him again. When Myles said ‘music is oxygen’. That statement is the most pertinent thing I have ever heard”.  – Merrick Kyle

An incredible Myles-stone in the history of rock performers that have come to our beautiful country.

A massive thank you to Andy Mac and his team at AMP Events for another remarkable rock concert. I wonder what plans Andy has up his sleeve for another banger? Maybe it will be another round of Kings of Choas and bring out Alter Bridge?

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Photo Gallery

  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3770
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3775
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3793
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3798
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3799
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3803
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3816
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3824
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3828
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3830
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3831
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3835
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3856
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3867
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3876
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3881
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3884
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3890
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3894
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3900
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3918
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-3942
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-4005
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-4032
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-4055
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-4072
  • Myles_Kennedy_UP_JHB_10_March_2018-4099


Monday, 05 February 2018 10:34


Lifehouse and Collective Soul, who have a mutual respect for each other’s music, decided to share their performance in South Africa. Both bands had the Ticketpro Dome audience in Johannesburg hanging by a moment for sure on Friday, 2 February 2018.

Lifehouse are lyrically strong and an incredible live performance, they sound just as good as their studio albums and are totally underestimated. Jason Wade’s voice expressed his thoughts, feelings and stories through the music. They surprised the audience with Bryce Soderberg performing U2’s 'SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY' that was left field off the playlist that rocked the band into the night. Bryce’s favourite guitar is definitely his Fender, with the wood peeling off, it’s like that favourite pair of jeans you love to wear, worn right through and still rocks years later and will wear it until it splits somewhere in two.

Like any band, they started out playing as a garage band, thinking it wouldn’t go further than working at Starbucks or Subway, playing music part-time. Here they are, the humble boys next door, 18 years, about to release their 9th studio album this year. Their last album 'OUT OF THIS WASTELAND' started out as a solo project for Jason, but decide not to pursue it as a solo career, becoming the new Lifehouse album.

Rick Woolstenhulme, the drummer has the wittiest personality and is the life of the party, loves Snapchat and has a thing for frying food and may try deep fried biltong while in SA. When they are getting ready to rock, you may find Rick on Snapchat and Bryce on Facebook Live while backstage.

Their performance in SA has no doubt reached new fans. A real treat to see Lifehouse perform with Collective Soul on the same night. Favourites on the playlist included:

  • Hurricane

  • All In One

  • Half Way Gone

  • Sick Cycle Carousel

  • Nerve Damage

  • Pride

  • Whatever It Takes

  • First Time

  • Spin

  • You And Me

  • Broken

  • Hanging

  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-2
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3390
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3398
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3407
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3409
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3410
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3424
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3425
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3427
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3453
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3505
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3539
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3555
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3574
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3580
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3581
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3605
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3608
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3614
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3632
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3645
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3653
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3657
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3660
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3669
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3678
  • Collective Soul JHB 2 Feb 2018-3681


Then it was time for the big guns of the night, Collective Soul opened with 'HEAVY', absolutely mind-blowing, loud guitar in left speaker, then the right, then the drums kick in, and Ed’s relentless energy and unique voice carried the crowd for a full 90 min show performing their greatest hits and a few new ones. Best described in the lyrics to 'BETTER NOW'

"Oh I’m Happy at Christmas
All wrapped to be seen
I’m your recent acquisition
Time to celebrate me"

He was born to perform and totally rocked white shades and cowboy hat. Collective Soul also proved that you don’t need massive AV production to rip up the stage. It was a simple set up, lights, crank up that amp and smash it!

A trip down memory lane for die-hard fans that sang every lyric, drank copious amounts of alcohol, danced all night, some on a good trip of acid to enhance their experience.

South Africa has become a favourite destination for the band to tour. At the press conference, Ed described the energy of the people and culture showcases that you can be who you are, and love all types of music. Backstage they have everything in common with other musicians as human beings and very few places have this energy and spirit, the freedom to be who are you, making this country a beautiful place.

Crank it up…

Dean Roland described the distinct sound of Collective Soul, “Turn the amp on, turn it all the way up, we prefer louder distortion, put this behind what a band writes from a lyrical perspective and you have an amazing band and we put the energy and stage”.

Guitar sounds on 'WHERE RIVER FLOWS', 'GEL', 'HEAVY', kicks it in the ass!

Their set list is usually put together before they go on stage with the favourite being 'GEL', also their first song recorded in a studio. 'SHINE' performed over the years take on a new life at every show. They find moments that make it new and real all the time.

New double album in 2019

Collective Soul will be releasing their 10th studio album early in 2019 titled 'BLOOD' (Being together for so many years, they are brothers in the band, you eventually become blood).

As this album will mark double digits, it will be a double record with fine artwork and special packaging. One side will be rock, one orchestral and some acoustic experimentation, forth side maybe New Wave (which they love too) is still to be decided. Ed says no one does double albums in this day and age with streaming taking over and vinyl is definitely making a comeback.

They are influenced by some of the world’s greatest artists like, ELO, Elton John and the Beatles and will be back in the studio in April laying down new material for the 20 track album.

Out the box…

DJ Hurricane from the Beastie Boys approached Ed for a new TV show to lay some beats on 'SHINE' and 'WORLD I KNOW'. (He has never had an artist play an instrument on his set.) Ed described it as the most awesome and coolest experience as a song can go anyway it needs to. Usually an acoustic guitar, piano and then it gets loud and dirty and distorted, the first time out the realm of Collective Soul.

Advice for upcoming artists

With the way things are done nowadays with record labels and streaming, Collective Soul was already a respected brand before streaming became popular, and it does have a positive outcome. You can be driving while catching up on new music and learn something in a few minutes.

There is an opportunity to listen to music through streaming, don’t give it away, play it live, let people have it, let them listen for free at first and own your publishing.

If Ed was to put together the ultimate super group of artists with him being the lead singer, the line-up would definitely include the Young brothers (ACDC) on rhythm guitar, with Malcolm Young being on the lead, and only God knows what would come out of that would be.

You left a moment like this! Thank you for an incredible show guys!

  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-2-2
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-2
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3101
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3102
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3105
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3106
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3108
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3109
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3113
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3114
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3116
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3123
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3124
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3126
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3128
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3139
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3156
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3175
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3205
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3223
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3228
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3239
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3240
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3294
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3295
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3303
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3304
  • Lifehouse JHB 2 Feb 2018-3311

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Article and photography by Tarryne Rautenbach


Monday, 25 December 2017 08:32

PRIME CIRCLE: 'If You Don't You Never Will'

prime circle

It has been an incredible journey of 17 years and Prime Circle has claimed Joburg as their city after moving here 13 years ago. Although they have made their mark in the world, they are still the people’s favourite back home.

Prime Circle have just released their 7th album, 'IF YOU DON’T YOU NEVER WILL' produced by Denholm Harding. The perfect Christmas stocking filler or gift any time of the year.


They have continued to flex more creative muscle and emotional songwriting on this album. The stories, the strong lyrics with verses that are memorable with catchy choruses. Almost anyone can relate to feelings of being lost, sense of hopelessness, loved need for self-improvement.

There has been a transformation since their last album 'LET THE NIGHT IN' (2014), experimenting with the current sounds and trends of the industry keeping themselves innovative as well as having reinvented their band for a fresh look and feel. Heavier lead guitar, stronger keyboards, electronica and layers of the synthesizer heighten the effects which are an integral part of their sound, harder drums and stronger bass.

The new album is energising, easy listening, making you want to crank it up really loud (well, that is the only way to really enjoy it) no dipping or skipping through all ten tracks. The opening track, 'GLASS CLOWN' introduces the album with strong keyboards, then Ross sets his soul on fire as usual for the rest of the album and the lyrics shine across 'LOVE TO HATE', 'INNOCENCE', 'THE GIFT', 'THE MESSAGE', 'PRETTY LIKE THE SUN', 'WEAPONS OF WAR', 'TONIGHT', 'WE ARE HERE', 'MORE OR LESS'. High 5 to Prime Circle on another epic rock album.

Each band member pours their heart into their performance and you can hear the magic unfold. Every track is solid and captivating, and you will no doubt know all the words after a few replays.

This is the second album where Denholm has brought his producing expertise to the table. He has an articulate sense when it comes to sound and has stepped up to the plate keeping it slick and tight with a well-polished sound on production, and it has this edge I cannot explain.

The band work with an awesome creative design team that continues to raise the bar on the end product. They are busy with a new music video for 'WEAPONS OF WAR' (one of Ross’s favourite songs on the new album) which brings a different style to their videos.

They are currently touring over the festive season on their #PrettyLikeTheSun coastal tour until early January and will then be heading off to Europe to kick off the new year with a bang.

Their album was launched on 22 September, and 'PRETTY LIKE THE SUN' has just reached No.1 on 5FM Top 10 Indie charts.


Ross describes South Africa as our symbol to the world. SA audience has been incredibly good to them, however, they have expanded their tour to Europe in the last few years which has welcomed a huge and supportive following, with their next tour starting end January 2018.

Tour-life is hectic! Living on a luxury tour bus with 13 other people for almost 2 weeks can be quite daunting, but also loads of fun. They rock out a performance, get on the bus (hopefully all of them) some party, some sleep, then arrive in the next city by the following morning, do some sightseeing in the bit of free time that they have available, and get ready to rock and roll again. Their PR agency in Europe shows incredible support, ensures the smooth running of their schedule like clockwork and advertising on all the necessary media platforms in time for their tour.

Planning and recording

There is an immense amount of work they go into making them as successful as they are. Essential planning and timing off stage are of utmost importance. They are often away from their families, constantly writing new material, attending band practice, devoting time in the studio, scheduling and continually planning for the next gig. Studios, producers and engineers are booked months in advance for recording time, which takes weeks to lay down tracks to ensure they are ready to launch the single / album, ready for the tour in months to come, to the finest detail. Songwriting moments can come out of nowhere too, even during sound check for a massive gig.

They have rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest rockers in the music industry, some they could only have dreamt of meeting, be it at an airport or sitting next to an icon on an aeroplane. Some have even attended their show just to see them rock out, often having to pinch themselves, “Did this just happen?”. No doubt, a profound book could be written one day about their incredible journey.

They are versatile as to venues, from performances in renowned venues worldwide including dingy bars and nightclubs (with more freedom to rock out with no rules on the night), to a tight theatre production and massive festivals.

They may be our local humble boys next door, however, they have made placed themselves on the map internationally, as well as our country.

Music Trends

Like any band, they face challenges for their music to reach the world. The digital movement has taken over being a test for any band/artist to be profitable. Audio streaming has had an impact on their record sales, as you pay a monthly subscription for an App on your phone to stream any band you want, not like a paid download. The good old days are over where you had to take a trip to the local record outlet to purchase an album. However, they are super strong on merchandise which is well supported by their audience. Albums, top quality caps, hoodies, T-shirts, posters and photo books are available at all their gigs, which they are happy to autograph, and pose for a selfie too.

Solo projects

Aside from being an integral unique sound of Prime Circle, Neil has pursued his solo electronica project called Cantrel. All music is written and produced by himself, finding artists to perform his art of noise.

Neil performed at a private function recently for Russian Princess, Olga Romanoff for the launch of her biography. An absolute accolade for him to entertain on classical piano, outside of Prime Circle. However, Neil also performs in a Led Zeppelin tribute band with Cito Otto (Wonderboom) on lead vocals. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest keeping your eyes peeled on social media for their next gig. Their performance is off the wall!

As for Ross, there is a burning desire inside him to create a solo album. There is a part of him that is still caged and needs to be unleashed. Only time will tell.

The whole band are authentic and musically gifted to perform their god given talent to the world and something they absolutely love to do. I have no doubt they will be going for at least four decades and I look forward to seeing what they have will rock out on their next album. They go to great lengths to bring their music to you, the passion and devotion can be seen in every performance. Support local music, purchase concert tickets, albums, downloads and merchandise. #IfYouDontYouNeverWill

In 2018, Prime Circle may surprise you with a fresh approach to how they do things, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Monday, 20 November 2017 13:30


 Live Reunion Tour Johannesburg 2017 223

What do Bono, Eddie Vedder and Peter Buck have in common?

They are all influential artists of Ed Kowalczyk.

Bono from U2 for his consistency, Eddie Vedder for his emotion and unique voice. Peter Buck from REM remains the most admired and when you hear LIVE you can’t help hearing REM. The Cure, are pure original artists that had a huge influence on Ed. Stevie Ray Vaughn another attribute and Neil Young for being so bombastic. If LIVE could collaborate with any artist, it would definitely be with Peter Buck of REM. However, their ideal line-up for a kickass concert would be Talking Heads and The Smiths of which Ed will gladly volunteer to be their roadie, any day.

I attended the press conference last week where Ed Kowalczyk and Chad Taylor spoke about the LIVE reunion tour.

The story goes that the band missed each other considering their break 15 years ago, and decided it is time to rock out again and rekindle the good old days. They maintain that the band are still unmistakeable on stage. In 2016, LIVE ran a social media campaign (no official announcement on the process). The mystique of it all, the balance of emotions, a combination of PR and the band's decision resulted in an official reunion tour. How do you do a comeback? They didn’t even know and did not think they would be in South Africa so soon before heading to Australia.

Live Reunion Tour Johannesburg 2017 244Live Reunion Tour Johannesburg 2017 277

The question was asked at the press conference how they would choose the set-list, however, it depended on more about what Ed was comfortable to sing for 2 hours. It has been the 25th anniversary since the release of LIVE’S first album, Jewellery. In 1994 they released 'Throwing Copper' at the young age of 23 years old, a time when they were still figuring out how to be in a band. From playing in a night club with 200 people and in a short while playing to a packed stadium at Spectrum Arena in Philadelphia was mind-blowing. Later playing at a Woodstock festival playing in front of a million people, still leaving them in awe.

They are still around all these years later making something great, lyrically strong and the songs written 25 years ago still are still as relevant as ever. Making noise in their recording studio in their home town of Pennsylvania, was enough inspiration to get band in a room to rock out. Perfect singer/songwriter combination and the trick is to jam together and follow the band rules… that there are no rules.

They have as stronger sound on stage and it’s bigger than ever with a 6-piece band. Additional bands members, Zak Loy is one the best guitarists that has been in the band and a second drummer Adam Diaz just adds more beat alongside Chad Gracey, who Dave Grohl thinks is one of the best drummers from the 90’s.

Ed maintains he still gets goose bumps when the crowd sings back to them, especially the popular hits like Under The Water, Dolphins Cry, Heaven.

Back to the concert…..

Live Reunion Tour Johannesburg 2017 239

Menlyn on Maine in Pretoria was packed with 8000 fans for the Live Reunion Tour for a two hour set list with a night of nostalgia. The Sweet Resistance from Cape Town were phenomenal opening the stage rocking out for 30 minutes before LIVE. I cant wait to hear more material from them. They are fairly new on the music scene and making their mark quickly. I think they have an amazing future ahead of them and will be keeping my eye on them.

Then the big guns came out…. LIVE consumed everyone in the crowed opening with All Over You. Those vocals of Ed and Chad slaying it away on his Les Paul was totally thrilling. I must admit the sound rig was so powerful, I felt like my intestines were going to rupture standing in the photographer’s pit. The sound was full and the band was on fire!

Chad and Ed warned the media they were going to rock out and give SA their best. A touching addition to the set list was their tribute to iconic Audioslave’s Chris Cornell on 'I AM THE HIGHWAY'

The 2 hour set list was

  • All Over You

  • Operation Spirit

  • Pain Lies

  • Dolphins

  • Send The Drama

  • I Walk the Line (Johnny Cash cover)

  • TBD

  • Pillar of Davidson

  • Beauty of Gray

  • Shit Towne

  • Iris

  • I Alone

  • Lakinis Juice

  • White Discussion

  • Turn my Head

  • Heaven

  • Mirror Song

  • Rattlesnake

  • Run to The Water

  • I am The Highway (Chris Cornell)

  • Lightning Crashes

Live Reunion Tour Johannesburg 2017 260

LIVE took most of fans back to their varsity days. Now in their mature years, they have the same heartfelt respect for LIVE as they did all those years ago, maybe more?

A powerful and stellar performance it was, indeed trip down memory.

When Ed Kowalczyk performed in SA as a solo performance about 2 years ago, he said he would be back, next time with his band. High five and huge thank you to Andy Mac from AMP Events for another awesome concert! He really does know how to bring out some stellar performances. I can’t wait to see who is next on Andy’s your list, maybe another, Kings of Chaos, The Cure or Depeche Mode?


It was a bitter-sweet evening as Johnny Clegg performed his last show and biggest production for 10 000 people on Saturday, 11 November 2017 at the Ticket Pro Dome in Johannesburg. The time has come for Johnny Clegg to hang up his Gumba Gumba Jive dancing shoes after 40 years.

A man with unbelievable courage and vision delivered his autobiography show. A profound journey in a diverse South African culture, how he captured the true spirit of “his” South Africa over four decades and brought SA culture into a new space. Talking about his first song, Woza Friday (was his first hit 1976) was banned on radio stations as well as performances in public places due to the cultural apartheid system in the 1970’s. Now, at the end of four decades, he is embraced by the world. Heartfelt farewell video messages were screened from his dear friends that were unable to attend the final concert: Sipho Hotstix Mabuse, Sting, as well as Joan Armatrading.


A handful of special friends and musical icons joined Johnny on stage for the final bow. Stellar performances by Tailor, Arno Carstens, Parlotones, Sipho Mchunu, Prime Circle and Just Jinger.

Tailor opened the show, followed by long-time friend Arno Carstens singing Another Universe that was quite fitting. Parlotones performed Push Me To The Floor.

Long-standing band member and founder of Juluka, Sipho Mchunu sang Emadlozini and African Skye Blue.

Prime Circle nailed Breathing and new track 'Weapons Of War'.

Just Jinger took everyone’s breath away with 'Shallow Waters' and 'What It Means'.

To lift the mood, when Impi was performed, the aisles were filled with dancing crowds. One of the fans dressed in proper Zulu warrior headgear embraced his African pride.

Support performances by his backing vocalist Mandisa Dhlanga, the majestic Soweto Gospel Choir, traditional Zulu dancers in their regalia, Panstula dancers in their typical pair of ‘All-Stars’, encapsulated true dance spirit of the crowd.

During the show, we got lost in moments. However, it was hard to hold back the tears and a lump in my throat when Jesse joined his father on stage. They collaborated on I’ve Been Looking a profound song on both their albums. They have never performed on stage together until now, an agreement between them to never play together or on the same line-up after each other. Their faces lit up during the performance, but there were heaps of emotions being held back.

For the encore, all performers gathered on stage for the final bow, with tears in their eyes during 'Asimbonanga'. I am not sure how musicians tap into their songwriting moments or how the creative juices flow and when, but what I do know is that these profound composers will leave a legacy in South African music.

The style of music has changed substantially over 40 years, yet the spark within Johnny has not faded. He opened his soul for three hours for his final concert in true Johnny Clegg style of Inhlangwinini dancing, singing, embracing the diversity “his” people.

Johnny has just released his new album 'KING OF TIME', produced by Denholm Harding of Just Jinger. Denholm has an incredible ear and has also produced the new Prime Circle album 'IF YOU DON’T YOU NEVER WILL'.

Johnny Clegg may be retiring, but his style of music will continue to live on amongst our diverse culture. Wonderboom still rock their rendition of “Africa” which leaves the crowd amped and fist pumping.

And, when you are sitting at the top of 'Kilimanjaro', it will still be under African sky. Thank you for your unique style and contribution to the music industry. A remarkable and momentous end off.

Farewell, Johnny Clegg!

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  • Arno_Carstens_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-8900
  • Arno_Carstens_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-8911
  • Arno_Carstens_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-8923
  • Arno_Carstens_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-8951
  • Gumba_Jive_Pantsula_dancers_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-2-2
  • Gumba_Jive_Pantsula_dancers_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9088
  • Gumba_Jive_Pantsula_dancers_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9117
  • IMG_9767
  • Jesse_and_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-0310
  • Jesse_and_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-111
  • Jesse_and_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-121
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  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-091
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  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-130
  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-146
  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-150
  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-164_-_Copy
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  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-8872
  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-8874
  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-8892
  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9046
  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9117
  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9154
  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9379
  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9721
  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9743
  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9767
  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9772
  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9783
  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9921
  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9922
  • Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9975
  • Just_Jinger_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9534
  • Just_Jinger_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9538
  • Just_Jinger_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9576
  • Just_Jinger_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9615
  • Just_Jinger_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9620
  • Mandisa_Dhlanga_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9031
  • Mandisa_Dlanga_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-2
  • Parlotones_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-8954
  • Parlotones_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-8960
  • Parlotones_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-8961
  • Parlotones_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-8976
  • Parlotones_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-8984
  • Parlotones_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-8996
  • Prime_Circle_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9177
  • Prime_Circle_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9190
  • Prime_Circle_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9282
  • Prime_Circle_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9311
  • Prime_Circle_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9317
  • Sipho_Mchunu_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9363
  • Sipho_Mchunu_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9385
  • Sipho_Mchunu_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9424
  • Soweto_Gospel_Choir_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9865
  • Soweto_Gospel_Choir_at_Johnny_Clegg_Final_Concert-9900

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Photo Credit: Tarryne Rautenbach



Wednesday, 08 November 2017 13:20

LED ZEPPLIN Tribute Show With a Whole Lotta Love

ood Luck Bar was alive with a whole lotta love of old-time rockers for the Led Zepplin Tribute show on Sunday, 5 November. An unforgettable evening of true of rock ‘n roll, because Led Zepplin can pull a crowd any day of the week, on purpose.

Crackerjacks, Cito from Wonderboom on vocals, Chris van der Walt bassist from Black Cat Bones, Jason Oosthuizen drummer from Lost and Found amongst other projects, Neil Breytenbach on keys from Prime Circle and Werner “Rokstar” Bosman on lead guitar.

IMG 20171108 henry engelbrecht

When you get incredibly talented musicians who are mavens of their craft together onstage they create pure rock ‘n roll magic! Cito, The Jesus Christ Superstar has risen again, this time as Robert Plant of Led Zepplin. I saw it with my own eyes. Cito’s vocal range was breathtaking (as always) and nailed every song! His soul was on fire as well as the rest of the band. The technical work of these musicians is impeccable. Werner playing his guitar with a violin bow, mind-blowing. Chris making his guitar scream, Jason performing one of the best drum solo’s I have ever seen. Werner’s technicality on guitar is amazing and Neil bringing in the keys just flowed. This took no effort, these guys do this daily. They show up, get on stage and doing what they do best… to perform, for us.

IMG 20 henry engelbrecht

Last night was next level in terms of the SA music industry. With only 5 rehearsals in-between their own bands, releasing albums and touring, they managed performed pure magic on stage. I believe this is the birth of some something great.

This show was one of the most vocally challenging to pull off and Cito did it. Epic!! Music maestros and the highest respect for every band member for this show.

Thanks to Jason Oosthuizen for manifesting this vision, Gareth Wilson at Good Luck Bar providing an awesome venue and the techies that delivered a quality show behind the scenes with incredible sound.

To see random visuals and videos from the show, check out social media posts on Facebook and……Ramble on!

  • IMG-20-henry-engelbrecht
  • IMG-201-henry-engelbrecht
  • IMG-2017-henry-engelbrecht
  • IMG-20171-henry-engelbrecht
  • IMG-201711-henry-engelbrecht
  • IMG-2017110-henry-engelbrecht
  • IMG-20171108-henry-engelbrecht

Photo Credit: Henry Engelbrecht



Monday, 07 August 2017 09:57

A Nostalgic Day For Midnight Oil Fans

On Saturday, 29 July 2017 Marks Park in Emmarentia Johannesburg was the perfect day and venue for live music, getting “oiled”, spending the day with family friends of all ages to rock out to Graeme Watkins Project, Freshly Ground, Prime Circle and Midnight Oil.

I arrived just in time to see Prime Circle deliver a world class performance. Their energy is incredible, loved by everyone that hears them and make SA truly proud. They are due to release their seventh album in the next few weeks which undoubtedly will be another banger! Keep an eye out on their social media pages for more information as well as their international tour coming up.

midnight oil rickenbacker

The park was packed with die-hard-old-school rockers from early morning. Midnight Oil performed at 2 pm delivering their greatest songs on their 'Great Circle' World Tour. A nostalgic day for many, a band that built their reputation on political and environmental activism and twenty-five years since they last performed in South Africa at Ellis Park.

Simple Picture Slideshow:
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Peter Garret with his distinctive voice is not afraid to voice opinion on politics, opened with the 'The Dead Heart', bringing back the sound their 80’s album of 'Diesel and Dust', the outback, love for the land, parading the stage, the Oils have not lost their ability to perform on stage after 41 years.

'Beds are Burning' was indeed the highlight of the set. The crowd, now well oiled, fist-pumping, dancing, cheering and singing along in true rock n roll style. Martin Rotsey’s trusty worn Rickenbacker guitar, one from his flock caught my camera. Clearly, one of his favourites to play that no doubt can tell many stories. 

midnight oil rickenbacker

Peter Garett carried the hearts of the people, his unique rigid dance moves haven’t changed, keeping the crowd engaged for the 21 song set. The oil ran out just before 4 pm with 'Redneck' and 'Dreamworld'.

What a privilege to see them perform and capture their moment in Johannesburg. For some, it took 25 years to listen to Midnight Oil again and rekindle the good old days. Masters at their craft.

Great to see such legends rock out, if you haven’t seen them now, I don’t think you ever will.

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