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Behringer AT108 Ultrasonic Amp Review

By / Reviews / Monday, 02 May 2016 14:00

What is it: The Behringer Ultra AT108 Ultrasonic is a compact, 2 channel, a 15W amplifier designed for acoustic instruments. This amp features 20W dual-cone 8” speaker. It includes a, wide frequency response, independent volume control, and a CD input, which is great if you want to play along to your favourite albums. The headphone output is an added bonus, incase you don’t want to anger your neighbours while you practice.

Who is it for; The AT108 is great for musicians learning the guitar and ukulele. The amp is ideal for small to medium-sized venues and those looking to add a little extra “umph” to their practice. The knobs are self-explanatory and easy to manage. Whether you’re beginning to master easy ukulele chords, or learning to play Through Fire and Flames, by DragonForce, this amp suits all genres and abilities.

Pros: This Behringer amp creates a rich and full tone with their Virtual Tube Circuitry (VTC) technology. It comes at a smaller and more compact size, without the higher price tag of a larger amp. Behringer continues to make reliable products, making the size and quality great for travelling to gigs.

Cons: The AT108 is lacking volume control for the line input, which would be nice to have, but not essential. Also, the volume won’t be loud enough for large venues.

In this video from Ukulele Place, you can easily hear the difference when Jack plays the ukulele acoustically and when he plugs it into the AT108 amp. The amp gives the uke a louder and fuller sound. This is ideal for the ukulele because the small size doesn’t allow for the same amount of projection as playing a full-bodied guitar.

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Guest Post Author: Colleen

Colleen has a passion for guitars and ukuleles. She enjoys jamming, teaching, and getting others involved in music. Her website, Coustii, focuses specifically on guitars and ukes.




Colleen Kinsey

Colleen Kinsey

Colleen has a passion for guitars and ukuleles. She enjoys jamming, teaching, and getting others involved in music. Her website, Coustii, focuses specifically on guitars and ukes. Colleen loves to travel and uses her ukulele as a conversation starter on the road.

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