ChianoSky Releases Inferno Album Teaser Video for iTunes


ChianoSky is pursuing a new direction in her music, drawing on her infatuation with the sex appeal of the late 60’s & early 70’s, especially the heated romances of that era.
Her second album, entitled Inferno, embodies a mix of disco, pop, funk and a unique, celestial influence: "Music for people out of this world”.
Inferno is aimed at stereo sound-systems and cyber screens, worldwide, pushing the limits by combining her love for fashion and art both sonically and visually.
Inferno is more than music, it’s your ‘Cosmic Pop Universe'.

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'Inferno' A Cosmic Pop Journey


From the deep unjustified encounters of space I present to you the INFERNO album cover! For me this album embodies a true romance of disco funk and modern space galactic pop introducing something I like to call COSMIC POP. On the journey of making this album with Produced By VAM and FutureNow Records it was really important for me to bring back the emotions I love most about the 60's and early 70's era! Its sensuality, sex appeal and happy go lucky attitude that I interpreted in my own way. I wanted to make music that excites my soul and my body. Music specially crafted for people out of this world who are down to boogie!


Produced By VAM

Released By FutureNow Records

The 'Drenched In Disco' photography series was taken by Tim Hulme / Retouched by Retouch Republic / Mua by Tiffany Wilson.

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'Inferno' Album Teaser Video

The Inferno album teaser showcasing the track 'Beggin' was filmed in Cape Town in the early stages of the album conceptualisation while she was busy recording songs in Joburg with Produced By VAM. This is the first video in a series of art pieces that will be released as her Cosmic Pop Journey unfolds.

Watch the INFERNO Album Teaser Video below!

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