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anastasia coburg bandCOBURG are a Symphonic/Gothic Rock band based in London, UK.

The much-anticipated debut album, ‘Enchantress’ is due for release on October 24, 2017. I was one of the lucky few who got to listen to it before the release date. 

The 'Enchantress' is breathtaking and most certainly begs the question. What next can COBURG bring to the table?

COBURG consists of 5 multitalented musicians, each contributing their vocals and individual talent to each instrument that adds to the professional, finishing touches of this album.

The opener, ‘A Cold Day in Hell’ instantly draws you in for more as. Anastasia Coburg’s haunting, yet powerful voice catches your attention. You can't help but anticipate what's next as she carefully leads you through each track.

The second song, 'Echoes In The Night' is perfect for a night out and will definitely draw the crowd onto any dancefloor.

Each song holds an enigmatic and distinct style of its own. You can't help but anticipate what's next as Anastasia leads you through each track. Drawing you into emotional highs and lows, and leaves you wanting more as you keep the album on repeat. 

‘Rise’ calms things down a bit as the album comes to a close.

Listen to COBURG's album, 'Rise' below!

What an amazing album. It has become a part of my collection. Will you add it to yours?

Pre-order it at Bandcamp


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