DJ Blade, International Beer Day Music Festival and More!

Featured DJ Blade, International Beer Day Music Festival and More!

Welcome back to your one stop party column that’s sure to bring you the hottest events in and around JHB.

"Being my birthday month I’d like to invite all you loyal readers to my birthday party which is happening on the 29th July at Niche in Rosebank. Entrance is free and its sure to be one hell of a party. Doors open at 7 and I am among the DJ’S on the lineup." (sic)

As mentioned in previous columns the International Beer Day Music Festival is happening on the 5th August 2017. It's going to be massive with some really awesome music and activities. Not forgetting all the awesome beer to be tasted. The best local and loved breweries from around the country. Festival goers will get to taste hops from Darling Brew, The Brew Bus (an old VW van converted into a moving tap) will serve 5 Skippas, Eish Tea and Growler Brewing Co., Copperlake, Leaky Tap Brewery, RIOT Beer, Dragon Brewing Co., Hazeldean Brewing Co., Brewhogs, Drifter Brewing Co., Soweto Gold, Red Rock Brewing Co. and Garagista Beer Co. Entertainment will be taken care of by some of the country’s most popular band’s, including SAMA winners GOODLUCK, Ross Jack, Crash Car Burn, The Kiffness (SAMA23 nominees), Monark, Keystate and Jaryd Smith. This is one festival you don’t want to miss. I can't wait for it. You can get your tickets from

"If you into underground music than you have to check out club LIES based in Honeydew. I was lucky enough to get a slot on the DJ line up. Trust me when I tell you the sound and lighting has to be among the tops places in the country. You can find club LIES at Rusty Hook on Wilge road in Honeydew." (sic)

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"You can also catch me every Friday evening on Eastwave FM (92.2FM )from 9:10 pm until midnight as I bring you the hottest DJ’s and hottest music from around the world."


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