Guns N’ Roses – 'Not In This Life Time' Review Guns N’ Roses – 'Not In This Life Time' Review Tarryne Rautenbach

Guns N’ Roses – 'Not In This Life Time' Review

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It's great to be alive in this era of rock n roll music especially when you are able to see Gun ‘N Roses perform after 30 something years.

What a night! The gods of rock turned FNB Stadium into Paradise City on 29 November 2018 for sure, taking some fans back to the days of when they were just 10 years old. The music took control. Hanging onto every word and guitar riff, sentimental and magic moments were made throughout the night with cellphone photos and videos, Facebook and Twitter posts as well as merchandise memorabilia to remind us (and in time to come) that these moments happened.

WonderBoom are true bred rock ‘n rollers full of heart and soul, and still on the rocking rollercoaster 22 years later. They warmed up the stage with some old favourites and some dark new alternative that they don’t get to play very often. This was their moment, they owned it, and they rocked it. Never had they ever imagined having an opportunity to open for GNR – a dream come true. Their energy was remarkable, bringing the people together once again, all slaving to the habit and rewinding to the good old days.

They slammed out a 30 minute set of 9 songs. However, anyone who has seen them perform live will know the show is not over for them until 'Charlie' goes down.

WonderBoom Setlist:GNR Wonderboom 29 Nov 2018 6551

Great To Be Alive
Southern Light
Never Ever
Ooh La
In Place of Something
Something Wrong

Sharing the stage with GNR will undoubtedly be one of the best side stories WonderBoom have to tell in this lifetime.

We were walking through the tunnel to get to the stage – it felt like we're all part of the same weird dream at some point. We were made for the big stage and we can do them well. It was a blessing for us to perform on this level in our home stadium and supported by our people and this will be a night we will never ever forget!“ – Martin Schofield


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  • GNR_Wonderboom_29_Nov_2018-6342

Then it was time for the legendary big L.A, guns. The opening visual production had incredible graphics. The GNR setlist kept 56 000 people engaged non-stop for 3 hours over 29 songs.

They have an unbelievable captivating and relentless energy on stage, like well-oiled machines, they never stopped once. Professional, tight, slick, on point on every key – absolute perfection. The guitars were mind-blowing!

Axl Rose is still a fashion trendsetter and showman of note, with an enormous energy on stage. Masses of people looked so cool in character dressed like Axl and Slash.

Slash was on absolute fire. He is a gentleman guitarist has the hand of god and being an iconic figure makes GNR what it is. To the tuned ear you can hear him a mile away like an Aston Martin at full tilt.


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  • Guns_N_Roses_29_Nov_2018_UPress-6632

"One riff and shred and you know its Slash. I lost count of how many guitar changes he had – maybe 25?"

Duff McKagan, however, is one the coolest and slickest musicians, Richard Fortus is an unbelievable guitarist (that sound of the Gretsch White Falcon), Frank Ferrer thundered on drums from start to finish (who probably has the hardest job in the band), Melissa Reese and Dizzy Reed stellar on keyboards. Top notch performance by Guns N’ Roses, they never disappointed and made magic on stage just as we knew they would.

The band have performed approximately 150+ shows on this world tour which is now coming to an end after 3 years on the road. Who knows what the future holds for GNR. Maybe they will machine a new album, however, it doesn’t really matter, we know them for what they have given to the world in this life, and that’s enough. For us that have been privy to own and see GNR live can consider ourselves fortunate as they are one in a million!

Let’s not forget the great albums they have written – Lies, Use Your Illusion 1 and 2, The Spaghetti Incident, Appetite for Destruction, Chinese Democracy. Those albums will always be true to our hearts because we’re GnFnR for life and always be soldiers of their following! Their music will continue to live long after they are gone.

They have one of the most profound stories to tell in rock ‘n roll history and some band members have performed in some the greatest rock bands of our time, but that’s a story for another day.

Thank you to Big Concerts and TPW Agency for another stellar event and to everyone involved behind the scenes to make this incredible show happen.

GUNS 'N ROSES Gallery cont.

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  • Guns_N_Roses_29_Nov_2018_UPress-6743


WONDERBOOM Gallery cont.

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  • GNR_Wonderboom_29_Nov_2018-6404
  • GNR_Wonderboom_29_Nov_2018-6409
  • GNR_Wonderboom_29_Nov_2018-6421
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All Photos by Tarryne Rautenbach



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