Halsey - 'BADLANDS'

halsey badlands

I first stumbled across this amazing artist with such an amazing, talented voice while watching the movie, 'The Huntsman: Winter's War'. The song, 'Castle' caught my attention right away. I felt drawn into another world and as I listened, I had to have this song and proceeded to purchase a copy of 'Badlands'.

Halsey is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, an American singer-songwriter, who started her songwriting career at 17. In 2014, she signed her first contract with Astralwerks and released her debut EP, titled 'Room 93'

Take a listen to 'Castle' below!

Unfortunately, I did not have the best of luck, trying to purchase this album through her store, and after many attempts trying to contact them, through twitter or even their support centre. I decided that I'd just purchase it through iTunes.

However, once I got this copy, I proceeded to listen to it, over and over again. Any Lana Del Rey fans in the house?  I could easily compare this sound, yet on a, very unique level of their own. 

Then I fell totally in love with this track, 'Gasoline' it totally blew me away and I was transformed. 

Take a listen to Gasoline here!

Each song has a unique edge, a style that sets you in motion and completes your mood, placing your imagination in new surroundings, that keep you entertained all throughout the album.

Watch New Americana Below!


Tracklisting is as follows: 

1 Castle Halsey 4:37 $1.29 View in iTunes
2 Hold Me Down Halsey 3:24 $1.29 View in iTunes
3 New Americana Halsey 3:03 $1.29 View in iTunes
4 Drive Halsey 4:18 $1.29 View in iTunes
5 Hurricane Halsey 3:43 $0.99 View in iTunes
6 Roman Holiday Halsey 3:21 $1.29 View in iTunes
7 Ghost Halsey 2:33 $1.29 View in iTunes
8 Colors Halsey 4:09 $1.29 View in iTunes
9 Colors, Pt. II Halsey 1:36 $1.29 View in iTunes
10 ExplicitStrange Love Halsey 4:07 $1.29 View in iTunes
11 Coming Down Halsey 3:43 $1.29 View in iTunes
12 Haunting Halsey 4:20 $1.29 View in iTunes
13 ExplicitGasoline Halsey 3:19 $1.29 View in iTunes
14 Control Halsey 3:34 $1.29 View in iTunes
15 ExplicitYoung God Halsey 3:00 $1.29 View in iTunes
16 I Walk the Line Halsey 2:45 $1.29 View in iTunes

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