ISO - So, So Good!

  • Written by Kyle Gregorowski
  • Published in Interviews

iso band 14 12 2015 interview 1 anna smith

Watching ISO develop and adapt has been a pleasure – they’re one of the few local bands who has managed to shift their sound without losing their soul and virtuosity.

They’ve got a new drummer, new ambitions and more ideas than ever before.

We caught up with lead singer Richard – himself an increasingly popular solo performer – to chat about all things ISO.

You’ve got a new drummer! That must be exciting?

Yes! Nic is a champ and an awesome musician. We are enjoying having him in the band.

New members mean fresh inspiration – have you felt added depth in your sound?

For sure. Nic adds his own personal touch to our sound. Is it also inspiring having a completely new member having his take and opinions on the music. Our sound has transformed into quite a musical experience for even us as musicians playing it which we have been missing for a while.

You were in Cape Town not so long ago – how was that?

Cape Town is always great! We have amazing fans there. We will be back there in mid December for the festive season.

You and Alex are married – who is next?

That is quite a difficult one to say. Nic and Fran are probably on par.

Did you ever catch the people who stole your gear at Koppi?


Who is the next big thing in local music?

I think Lara Gear.

What are you working on at the moment?

A new album. We will be performing some of our brand new songs during December. You can visit for any show info.