SA Artist Spotlight: #HogHoggidyHog Special 20th Birthday Episode


Photo by: Marlon Du Plooy

It’s been nearly 3 months after the news of George Bacon’s passing shook Hogs’ friends, fans and the music industry. Last Saturday, on August the 15th the remaining Hog Hoggidy Hog members and special friends took to the stage to celebrate the legacy of George Bacon and 20 glorious years of #PorkRock.

The SA Artist Spotlight team joined them at The Assembly (where they also performed their last show with George earlier this year) for a very special interview just before they kicked off their tribute celebration with The Rudimentals, 7th Son and Half Price with special appearances by Francois van Coke, George van der Spuy (Taxi Violence), Pete Grey (Half Price), John Shaban (The Shabeen), Nic Gaud (7th Son), T-Boss (The Rudimentals), Yanick Bathfield and Josh Riley (Grassy Spark), as well as Dominique Otto and Alex Muller (Peachy Keen), Grumble JVR (Alive at Midnight) and Theo Crous (Springbok Nude Girls).


In this special episode Lee Lips, Sean Snout, Amos Keeto, Ross Dabone and Sean DV open up about the life of the Hogs without George and the experience in this chapter of their journey. They also express their gratitude to friends, fans and the industry for the overwhelming support and love they have received over the past couple of months.

Share in the incredible story of how the Hogs rocked the underground punk scene for two decades in this episode. SA Artist Spotlight dedicates this episode to the legendary George Bacon, Hog Hoggidy Hog’s epic 20 years of #PorkRock and also to everyone who has loyally supported the local underground music scene in South Africa over the years.


Take a trip down memory lane in the latest SA Artist Spotlight episode with HOG HOGGIDY HOG below: 

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