MICHAEL LOWMAN Releases 'FIGHT' Lyric Video

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Today sees the official release of the Lyric Video of MICHAEL LOWMAN’s brand new single FIGHT, which was released late August 2015.

FIGHT was written a few months ago and MICHAEL immediately knew he had found something incredibly special. He produced and recorded the song himself and knew it had to have a piano as the focal point instead of a guitar, something unfamiliar to his previous work. The result: A beautiful melody filled with brutal honesty and a much more mature sound from MICHAEL LOWMAN.

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"Hey Guys - I released my brand #NewSingle #FIGHT last week, and have been so overwhelmed with the response. I wanted to give you all a glimpse into the cinematic feeling of FIGHT. I always associate visuals with melody... FIGHT has many emotions attached, and for each of them, a visual sequence. The imagery of someone running on a scenic road, dealing with their grief in the most primal way, is what I see most of all. The systematic stamping out of pain… or at least the act of trying.

This is my attempt to capture that. #iPhone 6 in hand. Raw, gritty… real. I hope this helps guide you along. I hope this helps us connect in the way I intended when I wrote FIGHT. This song is as much yours as it is mine. That was always the point.

I've got a powerful Music Video idea in mind that I'm going to get around to as well. In the meantime, take these lyrics with you. Hold them close. Make them your own. We’ll overcome everything… together."

Love, Michael

Watch the Lyric Video for FIGHT below!

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