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Mouse, Harbingers and Nasty Rumours hit the stage at The Winston Pub on Wednesday night.  The evening was jam-packed full of energy from all bands and how great it was to be back at Durban’s beloved Winston.

The opening band was Mouse, a local duo who came in at second place at The Brawl of The Bands held at The Winston Pub.  They have been playing since 2015 and have a unique sound they like to call Moss-Fuzz, a Durban style of Garage-Fuzz-Rock. On vocals and guitar is Damon Miles, while Christopher Chay heads up drums and vocals.  Their set was one of high energy and musical freedom and I think it was the perfect way to set the scene for the evening.  This one is definitely one to watch! Catch them at this year’s Mieliepop Festival in Lothair, Mpumalanga.

Mouse The Winston Pub

Next on was four piece band, Harbingers, made up of members of Fruits & Veggies, Sibling Rivalry & The Accidentals.  They bring experience and rhythm to the stage, while their use of the saxophone is quite an intriguing one, changing up the sound and adding something original to the SKA Punk Rock scene.  The Harbingers are an incredibly entertaining live band and I’m looking forward to hearing their infectious SKA Punk sound again! Here’s an interesting fact about the Harbingers: 100% of Uber drivers who have heard Harbingers liked Harbingers. Taken from their Facebook page. The Harbingers will be joining Nasty Rumours once more tonight in Johannesburg. Catch them at Rumours for Enter the Portal, alongside, Grassy Spark, Fuzigish, Boxer & Switz Pop-Punk band Nasty Rumours .

Harbingers The Winston Pub

To end off the night, Nasty Rumours took to the stage with their Powerpop Punk influence. Described as an old English 70’s punk sound, the crowd was definitely in their element.  Also making me realise how much I miss Punk Rock! Nasty Rumours have been jamming together since 2013, and coming from other bands to form Nasty Rumours they have plenty experience on stage and it showed through their interaction with the crowd.  They have toured most of Europe and the UK, sharing the stage with many well-known bands.  The energy that the Nasty Rumours put into their set is nothing short of incredible and, like the bands before them, they got the crowd skanking quickly.  There was a slight sad moment on stage, where the lead singer, Juli mentioned a good friend, MC Anilker, had passed away the night before.  They dedicated the next song to MC Anilker and explained, they would not be where they are today if it was not for him. Juli affectionately referred to MC Anilker as their Hero.  I’m sure he was looking down from wherever he is, with a huge smile, Nasty Rumours are a great band, with a great sound and down to earth vibes. Durban would be happy to have them back anytime!


Nasty Rumours winston

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