Watch: Pop Effects Combi Drive

What is it: This is a fantastic dual channel overdrive pedal. This pedal is great for players who like having different overdrive tones but do not want to have 4 different overdrive pedals on their boards. This pedal allows you to stack the two channels on top of each other, as well as offering a modern/vintage toggle for channel 1.

Who is this for: this is perfect for your blues, hard rock and metal guitarists a like. Whether you like boosting an already overdriven amp or are looking to dirty up a clean amplifier you cannot go wrong with this.

Pros: Two channel overdrive, lots and lots of options you will not be left wanting more.               

Cons: Honestly  I Cannot think of any cons to this pedal. (no I was not paid to say that)

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Watch: Pop Effects Combi Drive - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote