The Influencers: New Single 'Desert' Launch Date Announced

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The Influencers: New Single 'Desert' Launch Date Announced The Influencers: New Single 'Desert' Launch Date Announced

New York state indie band The Influencers are proud to announce the release of their latest single 'Desert'. The track is an eclectic mix of 4 part harmonies, soaring guitar riffs and roomy drum fills, leading to a final big crescendo. The name and album artwork tell a story of something deeper, however...


Desert was written collaboratively by Evan (singer), Steven (drums) and Christian (the band's producer). Here's what they had to say:

"The song is about wanting something your entire life and imagining how great it will be, burning with a passion and drive to keep yourself going. But when you finally get it, it turns out to not be exactly what you thought it would be. 'Desert' was inspired by some friends who wanted to join the military their entire life since they were young. When they finally joined, trained and were deployed they found themselves slowly becoming disillusioned as to the reasons of why they were there in the first place. Stranded thousands of miles in the desert and fighting for their lives, all they wanted was to just go back home."

'Desert' is released through Tonotopic Records and is available everywhere from March 15th 2019 for you to buy and stream.

About the band

The Influencers are Evan Yan and Steven Suarez; formed in 2010 the indie duo from Long Island, New York (US) are known for creating singable and catchy tunes, drawing inspiration from the likes of Pink Floyd, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons.

2 years after forming and playing covers, the band released their debut album Deepwater Horizon (2012) and later another 14 track album Running In Circles (2013)receiving critical acclaim but failing to gain traction nationally.

The band released Valhalla (2014), and despite a strong sprint with previous works, Evan and Steven experienced frustrations with the direction of the band and in 2014 decided to take a break.

After a 4 year hiatus, they are back stronger than ever, with several songs in production and plans for a new set of releases over the next 12 months. In November the band signed to Tonotopic Records and are set to make an impact globally on the music scene with 6 tracks to be released under the label in 2019 and a further album expected in the near future.


Find The Influencers online:

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