The SA Artist Spotlight Presents New Episode With #TAILOR

tailor light

The SA Artist Spotlight presents yet another sublime episode this week.

This time Tailor takes over and talks about her experience in the industry from the very young age of 15 and her no-folking-around approach to her music and life.

Special unplugged renditions of Wolf and Shaped Like A Gun take viewers on a magical journey as all the troubles of the world seem to melt away while listening to her enchanting voice.

‘With a 2015 SAMA nomination behind her latest album “Light”, Tailor’s journey from dark pop chanteuse to siren-call diva is nothing but a feat of celebratory confidence. Blessed with a voice that can make an instruction manual sound like poetry, she has returned with her second album “Light”: a celebration of growth and love, a woman stepping out of the shadows, boldly moving into the light.

When playing live, Tailor is a force to be reckoned with, her diverse voice will take you through an emotional yet happy journey which will leave you inspired.’

Take a look at Tailor’s interview on The SA Artist Spotlight YouTube Channel here:

Interview - (Part1) 


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Watch "Shaped like a Gun" here! and "Wolf" - here!

There is a series of awesome and enlightening interviews with some of the best music talent in SA as well their live unplugged performances in shorter clips that have been released so far this year. Watch them all on THE SA ARTIST SPOTLIGHT Channel.

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