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But what a dork!

A humble man, a beautiful soul blessed with a voice that can decorate silence like no other.

Bad weather conditions led to a 72 hour journey for Myles Kennedy to get to the south of Africa. In the ensuing chaos he arrived without his guitars but they managed to arrive just in time to kick off his solo album and acoustic shows in South Africa with a series of promoting his new album #YearofTheTiger that dropped on 9 March while on tour in SA.

It was Saturday night but there was absolutely no way South African rocker Michael Naranjo (who named his band ONE DAY REMAINS after and Alter Bridge song) would play a gig when his hero was in town.

Time Square in Menlyn, Pretoria filled out in anticipation of something special as they waited for the Alter Bridge frontman to take the stage. Die-hard fans wearing their Alter Bridge paraphernalia along with recent converts in Kings of Chaos T-shirts, reminisced about the last time they saw Myles rock out on stage with Slash at Sun City in 2013.

And boy did they get something special!

Myles has a versatile style that can rock harder than Led Zeppelin or perform as graciously as Leonard Cohen. No lights and pyros needed for this intimate show, just a man and his guitar.

A story telling evening from the days of Mayfield Four (that was the start of an evolution) pulling out songs over two decades that included The Conspirators, Alter Bridge and tracks off his new solo album #YearofTheTiger.

Highlight of the show was the encore with his cover of “Levon” by Elton John (one of his favourite songs) and his rendition of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. You could hear a pin drop in the arena. The man sang from the depth of his soul, often loosing himself in the moment.

There were moments were Myles really dug deep as a song writer and astounded the audience with just how consistently good his singing is. Proceedings took a bizarre, albeit funny twist, when a male voice cried out from the crowd proclaiming “I want to have your babies”. Myles chuckled as he began to sing, stopped and acknowledged the request retorting “Unless you have had a medical procedure or are a woman with a really deep voice, it wont happen”.

Once the laughter had died down Myles got down to business and started the next song, the more he thought about the comment, the funnier he found it and the audience took great pleasure in discovering that “rock god” Myles Kennedy is also human.

During the encore requests for him to perform “ Hallelujah” got more persuasive as shout outs came from the audience and the arena took on a rock ‘n roll church and standing ovation.

The incredible buzz that Myles left on the stage permeated in to the foyer and energy manifested itself to long lost friends catching up and exchanging phone numbers to stay in touch.

People were holding on to this moment forever eagerly purchasing merchandise so they could claim “been there, done that, got the T-shirt”. No doubt Myles can hold on to his moments too when in South Africa with the gift of a personalised Kings of Chaos 2013 photobook which I gave him.

I’m am not sure that Myles knows how influential he is on South African musicians? I saw people crying during his performance, others mumbling that they need to raise the bar on their guitar techniques and be like Myles.


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“Somehow I heard the song “Open Your Eyes” by Alter Bridge but I never knew who this band was so I bought their album “One Day Remains”. The sound of this amazing vocalist was a great motivating factor to go heavy. I started writing. By the time ‘BLACKBIRD’ came out, we had signed a deal and our band was called ONE DAY REMAINS inspired by the Alter Bridge song. The amazing energy Myles has as a true human being, big heart, family first, humble and down to earth is a real representation of what a real rock star is about in our time. Myles coming back to South Africa and seeing him perform live relit that fire within 10 years later, and I feel it could be time for One Day Remains to make a comeback again”.  Michael Naranjo 

“Overwhelmed by his performance, the ability to be spectacular and humble were astonishing and the joy that the show brought was beyond mind-blowing. A true privilege to see him again. When Myles said ‘music is oxygen’. That statement is the most pertinent thing I have ever heard”.  – Merrick Kyle

An incredible Myles-stone in the history of rock performers that have come to our beautiful country.

A massive thank you to Andy Mac and his team at AMP Events for another remarkable rock concert. I wonder what plans Andy has up his sleeve for another banger? Maybe it will be another round of Kings of Choas and bring out Alter Bridge?

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