MTN Bushfire 2019: Fire Starters Ignited the Weekend

MTN Bushfire 2019: Fire Starters Ignited the Weekend Photo by Daniel Toro

MTN Bushfire 2019: Fire Starters Ignited the Weekend

By Press Release / Events Recap / Wednesday, 05 June 2019 11:33

MTN Bushfire 2019 was an epic celebration of the music and arts of Africa and beyond. With over 30,000 admissions recorded over the 3-day event from over 60 countries, this year’s event was the largest, and according to many, the best event to date.

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With headline acts Trompies, Black Motion, Asa and Tshepo Tshola all receiving rapturous responses from the capacity crowd, the weekend was also filled with a range of acts that firmly established themselves as fan favourites.

On Friday evening Nigeria’s Mr Eazi along with Kenya’s Blinky Bill did not disappoint and were followed by a show-stopping performance from South Africa’s Moonchild.

Saturday night belonged to SA icons Trompies and Black Motion who surpassed crowd expectations and cemented their iconic status within the region.

Earlier in the evening, the Main Stage lit up by the 11-piece techno marching band from Berlin, Meute. This surprise crowd favourite was a stand out in the weekend, ranking with some of the best Bushfire performances to date.

Sunday’s relaxed proceedings included a set from Asa that opened with her global hit, 'Fire on the Mountain,' thrilling the thousands still in attendance. While some may have left the festival early, the Main Stage lawn was still packed when the legendary Tshepo Tshola took to the stage for a truly memorable closing set for MTN Bushfire 2019.

Other highlights included e’Swatini’s Nana who channelled the energy of Brenda Fassie in a powerful performance, The SheKings, as well as the traditional sounds of Lindigo and Mauhube, an all-star regional super-group.

Over a third of the guests in attendance had made their way from South Africa, starting to arrive on Thursday May 23rd to take advantage of the early opening of the camp site, while others took advantage of extended border hours and increased staff at South African border posts and arrived on Friday throughout the day.

The majority of visitors to MTN Bushfire hail from e’Swatini, many of whom were excited to welcome the Prime Minister of the country, the Honourable Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini, who paid the festival a visit on Saturday the 25th of May.

This year’s sold out event included a range of interactive activations and exhibitions programmed around the festival’s #BringYourFire social mandate, with many guests feeling inspired to become drivers for social change after they return home. 

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All firestarters are reminded to watch the MTN Bushfire social media pages and website for early bird ticket registration for the 2020 edition that will take place from the 29th – 31st of May 2020. &



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