Seal: Love Was The Feeling

Seal - 2016 - Johannesburg Seal - 2016 - Johannesburg Tarryne Rautenbach

Seal: Love Was The Feeling

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Two musically and lyrically gifted musicians, local artist Tresor and renown superstar, Seal, performed for the Ticket Pro Dome in Johannesburg on Sunday 11 June 2016.

Tresor, who was inspired by Seal had the opportunity to open the night for one of his greatest musical icons.


For those that are not familiar with Tresor, he has made his mark on local radio stations with his hit “Zambezi” featuring Beatenburg, which will get you into a dancing mode. A soulful performer with a definite African vibe. Thoroughly enjoyable!

Some background information on Tresor, he is originally from Eastern DRC now living in South Africa. He has a profound story - managing to earn a living working as a car guard by day and security guard at night, both jobs allowed him to make his way onto the Durban music scene, getting together with local musos and making a name for himself.

He co-founded Durban afro-fusion band Maisha in 2008 and soon played alongside well-known artists like Lira, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Freshly Ground, Jesse Clegg, Prime Circle and Johnny Clegg just to name a few.  He released his debut album, VII in September last year has since won a SAMA for Best Pop Album. The album – which he has worked on for the past seven years - features collaborations with AKA, Beatenberg, Khuli Chana and The Soil.

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For more information on Tresor visit his website

Seal then took the stage for a two-hour performance over a 16 song set list. He continues to sing about the most important human emotional need – Love.

I was 15 years old when Seal was a hit, I remember buying a cassette tape and listening to it over and over, as his music never got tiring, (but the tape did and eventually snapped) and now 24 years later, the music has still has not worn out.

Seal and his electronica DJ got the crowd revved up and singing along to one of the old time favourites from 1991 - “Crazy”. Confirming we are never going to survive unless we get a little crazy, Seal jumped over the barricade into the crowd inviting them to come closer so he can see and feel them, embracing and sharing abundant love during, holding their hands during “Killer”. No threat from his fans whatsoever (except the concert security were caught off-guard as this was not planned until later in the show) they lit up the aisles and front of the stage area with cell phones as they recorded their up close and personal moment of Seal.

Seal shared his feelings saying, “It's been far too long. There is no love, there is no you, there is no me, there is only WE and tonight I get to go on a “date” with all of you!” before performing “Daylight Saving”.  The crowd were in absolute awe as they took a trip down memory lane singing along with “Prayer for the Dying” and “Loves Divine” in the first set. The mood toned down to a deep acoustic set with “Every time I’m With You”, ”Sara Smile”, “Love” and “Don’t Cry”. Soulful lyrics and everyone can relate Seal’s songwriting on some level.

During Seals ‘DJ set’, he performed his own rendition of “Mad World” originally performed by Tears For Fears - a remarkable song that has been covered by many artists to this day.

An electrifying show, background stage graphics and performance by his DJ who played electric guitar, keys and supported the rest of the show with backing vocals.

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The setlist comprised of old favourites and tracks off his latest album “7”.

  1. Crazy
  2. Killer
  3. Daylight Saving
  4. Do You Forever
  5. Prayer For The Dying
  6. Love's Divine

Acoustic Set

  1. Every Time I’m With You
  2. Sara Smile
  3. Love
  4. Don’t Cry

DJ Set

  1. Mad World
  2. My Vision
  3. The Right Life


  1. Kiss From A Rose
  2. Life On The Dance Floor

One of the most remarkable songs of the night was “Kiss from of a Rose” (Batman Forever 1995) - couples held and loved each other to end off the night during the encore. For those that were lonesome, they just swayed and sang along and feeling the words of love.

An incredible performance by Seal, and no doubt everyone left the concert feeling the ultimate feeling - love.

Thank you to Big Concerts and Dionne Domyan-Mudie from The Publicity Workshop, and most of all Seal for the tremendous concert.

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Photography and Review by Tarryne Rautenbach


Tarryne Rautenbach

Tarryne Rautenbach

"Aimed for the moon and landed up amongst the stars." Tarryne Rautenbach is passionate about music as she is often seen taking photographs of rockstars and capturing moments in time. "Music feeds my soul and has supported me to photograph some of the world's best bands." "Never settle for bad music, bad conversations or bad coffee." Tarryne is a qualified makeup artist, myofascial release practitioner in both Bowen Therapy and Emmert Technique modalities based in Johannesburg. You can find Tarryne on Facebook: Tarryne Rautenbach Photography  and Twitter: @Tarryne16

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