Dreams of Nightmares - Biography

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Photographs kindly supplied by Neil Janeke.

Dreams of Nightmares are a five-piece band, straight out of Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Dreams of Nightmares are heavily influenced by black/death and thrash metal which accounts for their versatility and has led to a uniquely recognisable sound.

They claim to inspire and motivate the listener with certain songs that dwell in the sinister region, implementing a rock-steady approach that ensures the best possible outcome for all songs, leaving no room for mediocrity.

Current Members

Eddie Vorster - Vocals | Stefan Viljoen - Guitar | Althea Crafford - Bass | Corné Venter - Drums | Brendon "Goofy" Van Tonder – Guitar

Listen to Full album, 'Black Winter'


Listen to 'All Eternity'

Watch 'Remnats' (Official Video) below!

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