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Hidden Gems

By / Features / Friday, 15 December 2017 08:04

Even though 2017 has lasted less than half a New York minute, in that infinitesimally short amount of time new music has been cropping up left and right. Of course, there have been newcomers to the game, but our beloved older artists -cough EVANESCENCE cough- have resurrected to help steal the spotlight from lesser known but strong underground acts. Fret not ladies and gentlemen, UNDERGROUND PRESS has remained vigilant and scoured the “interwebs” for fresh under-the-radar tracks. That’s right below this rather long-winded soliloquy is a collection of tracks that deserve your attention, love, and affection so gird thy loins –err ears!

Forgotten Sons Leave The Light OnUp first are the hard-hitting Scots, THE FORGOTTEN SONS with ‘Leave the Light On’. These lads bill themselves as an alternative rock group that “are in a constant battle between heavy guitar riffs and catchy pop melodies.” The track opens with a gently sung emo-esuqe lyric chock full of feels…and then heavy ensues. Don’t let the intro fool you, the song gets up and goes with some hard rock edge reminiscent of bands like SICK PUPPIES and is a ball of energy right up until the end. ‘Leave the Light On’ is currently a single listen below:

Lucy Kruger Summers Not That SimpleWas that a little too heavy for you? Be not dismayed, LUCY KRUGER & THE LOST BOYS calm you with docile tones of ‘Grace’, one of several singles off of their album ‘Summer’s Not That Simple’. This track is as soothing as a warm bath on a cold winter’s night as is much of the album from which it hails. Kruger, a product of Johannesburg, has a voice that is quite possibly the most captivating sound you’ll ever need to hear. The boy’s back her up with some deliciously dark tones as well. Check out the video for ‘Grace’ below: 

Conversing With Oceans TrilogyLet’s take things state-side with ‘Action’ from CONVERSING WITH OCEANS a solo project of Alex Bondare. With its enveloping sense of atmosphere, ‘Action’ is a song that soars sonically. Producer and Engineer Tim O'Sullivan teamed up with Bronx, New York native Bondarev to paint an aural picture that really can blow you away. This track is the lead single off of the upcoming EP ‘Trilogy’ and can be heard below:

Weekend Recovery WDYLMIf huge soundscapes and bombastic productions are not your thing, WEEKEND RECOVERY is here to bring things back to basics with ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’ This female-fronted four-piece is serving up a healthy dose of raw and in-your-face punk rock that has been generating quite the buzz in the UK. They might not have been around long, but if there is going to be a punk rock revival, don’t be surprised to see WEEKEND RECOVERY out front leading the way. Check out the brand new track below:

Hexis XIIMaybe the tracks above didn’t hit the spot and you’re looking for something even darker and more extreme. You’re in luck because while you might have an affinity for darkness HEXIS was born in it. Since there is no clear single you should just mosey on over to their bandcamp and listen through their latest album ‘XII’. ‘Nefarius’ is a standout track, but the entire EP oozing with enough dark aesthetic to blot out the sun. No track exceeds the 5-minute mark but with how dense each song is you’re sure to be fulfilled. As always stick with UNDERGROUND PRESS for new artists and new music from all genres and every corner of the earth, but especially South Africa’s immensely deep music scene!



Russell Miller

Russell Miller


Russell Miller is the front-of-house/monitor engineer for Red Gate Sound & contributes reviews and an occasional snarky op-ed here at UNDERGROUND PRESS. If the music has a strong melody, a drive, or ambition chances are that it’ll have my attention. Knowledge. Follow Russell on Twitter and InstagramCheck out his tunes at SoundCloud

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