Hidden Gems 2019

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Hidden Gems 2019

By / Features / Wednesday, 01 January 2020 08:05

Congratulations, if you are reading this you're more or less already in the brand-spanking-new 2020 calendar year. Resolutions made, vacation days mapped, and space in your library for new music has been made. But wait, what of the music left unheard? Surely there are some left in 2019 just begging for your attention, right? Before you panic, we at Underground Press are here to let you know that we got you. Yes, here on this very page are our picks for 2019's Hidden Gems. For year three, however, we're going to introduce some categories; Hidden Single Gem, Hidden Album Gem, Hidden Debut Gem, and the soon to be coveted Hidden Artist Gem. So, who do we have this year?


Hidden Single Gem: 'Stridig' by Ihsahn

Norwegian black metal legend Ihsahn snuck this in at the end of 2019 so it is extra hidden on the Hidden Gem-O-Metre. Ihsahn has a long and storied history in the metal community as a member of Emporer but outside of progressive metal fanatics and black metal “kvltists”, Ihsahn's solo work goes woefully under-appreciated. Yes, the screams may take a bit of a getting used to, but as far as “return-to-power” statement-making music this is the best you'll get. The riffs are as melodic and dynamic as they have ever been and everything in just locks in as effortlessly as possible in this brand of music. The greater metal community is put on notice, Ihsahn's bombardment of music doesn't seem to have an end in sight and if this single is any indication his powers show no sign of wavering.

Watch to 'Stridig' below!

Lucy Kruger Sleeping Tapes For Some Girls

Hidden Album Gem: 'Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls' by Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys

An album is a perfect medium to tell a story musically and what better way to usher in a restful sleep than a great story? Kruger, originally from Cape Town, has taken up residence in Berlin, Germany but before beginning that new chapter had composed music that she hoped would do for others what listening to stories and songs had done for her. This may sound as niche as niche can be, but Kruger's smoky and soothing lullaby, the swirl of reverberated guitars amidst the dark rhythmic backbeat of the drums is nothing to snooze at. Whether you're actually looking for music to sink you into a restful slumber or just a full body of music to float in and out of your consciousness, this is the album for you.

Watch 'The Ocean at Night' below!


Hidden Debut Gem: Broken by Tatum Strydom

Take Lorde's alluring croon, the cinematic melancholy of Lana Del Ray, and the unabashed youthful passion of Billie Eilish, put them in the blender and you will pour out this absolutely stunning track 'Broken'. The track itself is a powerful examination of teen heartbreak after finding love for the first time. South African native Strydom is an upcoming singer-songwriter who, much in the vain or the aforementioned Del Ray, shuns the conventional pop aesthetic of pizzaz, and pomp so preciously void of emotion. This 18-year-old siren sings with a conviction and emotion that some would argue is beyond her years which is sort of ageist, but hey...

Listen 'Broken' below!


Hidden Artist Gem: There Existed an Addiction to Blood by Clipped

Daveed Diggs is a talented American artist best known for his Grammy and Tony-winning role in the musical Hamilton. Lesser known but as incredible is his work as part of the horrorcore/hip-hop trio Clipping. The group's music is off the wall, eclectic-ly electrifying, earthy, authentic, and they're all insanely talented. Diggs and the crew provide an alternative point of view in regards to the global phenomenon that hip hop has been. It isn't flashy, it isn't ritzy, but it is real and in your face. Ever listened to 18 minutes of a piano burning and never thought to hit 'NEXT' on your player? No? Well, unless you're an avid Annea Lockwood fan, we've got a track for you to listen to and it's the last track on their October 2019 release There Existed an Addiction to Blood. The album as its name suggests, and just as gory so if you're faint of heart you might want to leave this in 2019.

Listen to 'Clipping' below!

That about wraps it up for this one. Feel like you know of some good music coming? Use the hashtag #HiddenGemUP when you find something interesting this year and your suggestion could make it here...well not in that exact spot. That said, always stay tuned Underground Press by subscribing to our newsletter where you can stay on beat with the latest in entertainment and music news!



Russell Miller

Russell Miller


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