Lost In Kiev Reveal Brand New Video - ‘Persona’

Lost In Kiev Reveal Brand New Video - ‘Persona’ Lost In Kiev Reveal Brand New Video - ‘Persona’

Lost In Kiev Reveal Brand New Video - ‘Persona’

By / News / Thursday, 07 March 2019 15:00

Parisian meta-post-rock band, LOST IN KIEV, today, announced the release of their brand new video titled, ‘Persona’. ‘Persona’ will usher in the release of their long-awaited 3rd studio album of the same name, which will be available on the 26th April, via Pelagic Records.

‘Persona’ surrounds us with a sense of mystery as they open up their new song, expelling sound and sensory visual effects that keep you fixed and wanting more.

Take a listen to ‘Persona’ below!

"Persona has been written as a reflection on humanity, in a futuristic technological context, where the A.I would be fully implemented in everyday life. Persona does not impose a position on the topic, Persona results from a desire to create a futuristic fiction through the prism of intimate stories, with characters with singular lives and sometimes tinged with realism. We wanted to create a new kind of ambience for us with some analogue & digital electronic sounds and samples, a mix between post-rock as we already made but with a true soundtrack movies ambience and a bit of trip-hop music style.” - LOST IN KIEV

Commentary by Yoann Vermeulen, video director and drummer of Lost In Kiev:

“’Persona’ evokes the creation of a new intelligent being, similar to ourselves, created by a robotics company. The human resemblance is so impressive that we can say that it is the "spark of a new world”.

The clip narrates the creation of this first being.

A shot of space, the infinite, juxtaposed with images of microbiology reminiscent of the birth of life on Earth. Gradually, small objects begin to reveal the subject in more depth. Finally, a body emerges from a 3D printer. The universe is white, immaculate, like a technological fantasy.

The video then turns into dark colours and reveals the sordid aspect of the business. The company logo that appears states "Make your future more human", an ironic slogan which is referenced on the track Pygmalion.

The shots multiply, the rhythm accelerates and ends with a rewind of the genesis. The shot of space becomes interrupted by a glitch. This sequence is a mirror to the first scene that evokes the birth from the void (space).

In the last shot, the CEO of the company is publicly revealing the successful creation of what is the spark of a new world."

pel126 cover digital medium

Pre-order ‘Persona’ here: Physical | Digital



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