Cheap Musical Instruments from Every Corner of Earth

Cheap Musical Instruments from Every Corner of Earth

Cheap Musical Instruments from Every Corner of Earth

By / Op-ed / Friday, 27 September 2019 16:34

Musical instruments are necessary to create musical notes. Musicians around the world use a variety of instruments to produce different melodies. They combine all the notes to produce a great mix of music for their audience.

Not only musicians, but ordinary people also play musical instruments as a hobby. Some hi-tech musical instruments are expensive and not affordable. However, you don’t always need fancy instruments to play your favourite music. There are many affordable instruments available around the world.

Let us find out some affordable musical instruments that everyone can use to enjoy music in their life.




A recorder is a wind instrument made of wood, and it is easy to learn. It is a cheaper alternative to flute and has a very interesting history of development. The recorder instrument was not in use for many centuries but came back to light in the twentieth century. The main advantage of using a recorder instrument is that anyone can play it without the need of an instructor. They are available at affordable prices on online and offline stores.

Darbuka Drums

Many people who are fond of music enjoy playing drums as their sound helps them release nervous energy. The sounds of Darbuka drums are so rhythmic and captivating that you can enjoy dancing on their beats. They originated in the Middle Eastern countries but to buy them you don’t need to visit a Middle East country. You can buy them online on marketplaces like Amazon in a price range of $20 to $100.  

Acoustic Guitar

A guitar falls in the category of string instruments and can have 4 to 18 strings. However, most guitars have four or six strings as they are easy to play for beginners and players with little experience. The player plays the instrument by strumming the strings with the right hand and fretting them with the left hand.

There are various types of guitars like acoustic, electric, bass and jumbo guitars. An electric guitar is expensive, but an acoustic guitar is affordable for everyone. Therefore, beginners can buy an acoustic guitar to start and learn to play it and to enjoy music as a hobby.




Drums are instruments of percussion and are the oldest type of tools available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Uses need to use beaters to hit these drums to produce sound. You can use anything from wire brushes to wooden sticks or bare hands. Some drums are tunable, while others are not. By vibrating a stretched membrane known as the head, drums create sounds. You can find a drum set for as low as $250, and the prices can go up to $1000 depending on the features and quality of the material.

Rain Stick

We all know how soothing the sound of a rainstorm is. Using a rain stick, you can harness the sound of a downpour of a rainstorm. These hollowed out sticks originates from ancient Aztec tribes, have rocks, pins or other tiny items that produce the rushing noise when a position is changed. Ancient tribes used the sticks of rain to call on their gods during dry spells to bring rain. You can buy rain sticks, for more than a few bucks. So it's an inexpensive way to produce some music for your next hip hop party.




A violin also looks like a guitar as it also belongs to the category of string instruments. A standard violin has four strings, and it comes with a bow for playing. A user needs to use draw a bow across its strings to play the violin. Musicians use them in a variety of music genres like jazz, metal, country and folk music. Most of the musicians learn to play the violin as a top priority. Learning to play the violin also improves concentration, coordination, and discipline in life. Violins are available at affordable prices in every corner of the world. You can buy them on reputed online stores as well as music shops.


A flute is a wind instrument made of wood and uses the flow of air to produce a melodious sound. The player can change the sound by opening and closing the holes across its length. Flutes are also available in other materials like brass, nickel, silver, gold, and platinum. However, wood and brass flutes are best for beginners, and they are available at affordable prices in music shops across the world.

Final Words

These are some affordable musical instruments available in every country except in remote areas. There are many instruments for beginner and professionals, but all are not available at an affordable price. Some are expensive and only meant for expert musicians. The instruments in this post are best for beginners, and they can buy them at any online marketplace or offline musical store.

NB: This article was written for an international audience.



Emily Bartels

Emily Bartels

Emily Bartels is a Content Writer and Developer at Melbourne Music Centre. She has been in this industry for 5+ years and specialises in writing educative content on Music. She loves to read trending news to keep herself updated!

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