Priest Killer - Biography

priest killer

Photograph by Francois van Schoor

Hailing out of Bloemfontein, South Africa, comes Priest Killer, a death metal band that intensely opposes all religions and openly express this view through their music. Their ideology is anti-theist, meaning not only do they not believe in a god (or any gods), but they also oppose all organised religions and the harm they know it causes to society.

Priest Killer was founded in 2011 and has gone through several line-up changes with the only constant being founding member, guitarist and main songwriter, J. With Buff on drums, Japie on bass and Jaime on vocals, the band does its best to deliver a scull-cracking hammer blow of death/thrash and groove-metal riffs with just the right amount of thundering double-bass and blast beats, completed with an intense and aggressive range of high and low death metal vocals. 

Listen to 'Violent Reality' below!

Watch 'Violent Reality' below!

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