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Santana Divination Tour 2018 Santana Divination Tour 2018 Alastair Fraser

Santana Divination Tour 2018

By / Events Recap / Wednesday, 25 April 2018 14:53

Santana Durban 2018  

How do you put into words possibly the best concert you have ever been to?  No idea but I am going to try!  Santana.  Wow.  The stage was alight with the most amazing visuals from Woodstock to peace and antiwar protests and hippie love.  Trippy tie-dye graphics and everything to do with free love and the 60s. 

With no supporting act, the show started at 8 pm sharp, no delays, no waiting and wondering. The height of professionalism, this 9-piece band graced the stage and got straight to it.  Santana was only supposed to be playing in Cape Town and Johannesburg but with a major outcry from the devoted fans in Durban, we were lucky enough to have them add an extra date and fans proved their loyalty with a sold-out show. 

First off we just must take a moment to appreciate the fact that this man has not aged a day! Not one beat was missed, the performance was better than listening to a cd or watching a video.  Priceless it was. 

Santana Durban 2018

We had two singers belting out the best of Santana, both extremely talented singers, the amount of times goosebumps ran through my skin is too much to mention.  One of the highlights of the night was when Carlos said to the crowd that he didn’t come all the way here for everyone to sit down, he encouraged everyone to get up and dance, something I’m sure the security wasn’t so happy about but hey, we are at a Santana concert! 

I loved watching background visuals of Carlos Santana going off on stage at Woodstock, what I would’ve given to be at one of those concerts.  We were treated to so many solos, guitar solos and one hell of a drum solo carried out by none other than Carlos’s wife Cindy Blackman, most famous for touring and playing with Lenny Kravitz.  Oh. My. Gosh. It seemed to go on forever, the incredible talent and stamina this woman possesses are second to none.

santana durban2 

The concert was not just a concert but a message of spreading love, peace, and happiness to everyone we cross paths with, Carlos took as many opportunities as he could get to talk to the crowd and voice his message. Ever so inspiring, the general feeling of getting way more than just a band singing on stage. 

santana durban4

The crowd jived all night and I think everyone had a permanent smile on their faces. Santana played all their most loved hits and my absolute favourite 'Maria'.  Being in a room with the adoring fans and one of the most memorable bands was an experience to behold and I strongly encourage everyone, if they can to get to one of Santana’s concerts as you will not be disappointed!  Thank you once again to Big Concerts for having UNDERGROUND PRESS and of course thank you for bringing out one of the greatest bands ever.




Kerry Witting

Kerry Witting

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