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Born and raised in Soweto, Johannesburg, SINE is a multi-talented singer-songwriter and art director at The Black Magician Film Studio. When she isn't making music, you will find her dedicating her spare time to making jewellery or modelling.

SINE does not stick to one specific genre. Her style is extremely versatile and this gives you a glimpse of her personality and potential as an artist. 

SINE's latest three-track EP is a direct example of her style, combining R&B and Soul to her style. She certainly has what it takes to make it in the music industry. 

Listen to 'Who Am I' below!

" a chameleon, I adapt easily. To me my music is relatable and relaxing, It speaks about my experiences throughout my teen years, from being rebellious to being depressed and sexy. I really think that the youth will relate to it a lot especially high school kids."

"When I made this EP, I was 19 and I was going down memory lane to when I was 17 and rebellious, going to clubs instead of staying in school. All these fun memories I've created for myself up until when I was recording this EP now I'm all grown and much more mature."

Watch 'Isolation' below!

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