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Today sees the official release of CONNELL CRUISE’s new EP, entitled INTO THE WILD, through Island Records and David Gresham Records.

connell cruise by meredith traux
Photos by Meredith Traux

Produced by Ido Zmishlany in Brooklyn, New York, mastered by Chris Gehringer from Sterling Sound and Kevin Reeves from UMS. Connell Cruise started out by recording vocals for the tracks in South Africa at David Gresham Studios with hit producer Ziggy, and sending it to Ido in the United States to further work on the tracks’ production. As the year progressed and Connell Cruise spent more time in the States, he worked at Ido’s studio in Dumbo, the Mission Sound Studios in Brooklyn, and The Recording Room Studios in Upstate New York.

“I wanted to put into music what it felt like moving from Johannesburg to New York, that’s really what ‘Into The Wild’ means to me. Each of the songs on the EP come from this transition period of moving cities / countries / continents and how I’ve tried to handle the change - in myself and in my relationships.”

Connell Cruise describes the EP as more upbeat and less heart-broken than his debut offering. “The songs focus on looking ahead, looking up and loving life.”

“Each album reflects your state of mind while writing/recording it; in the end it kind of acts like a time capsule into a particular time of your life. That’s certainly true for me as the one making these records. I hope it’s also true of the listeners as they apply the songs to their own experiences.”

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INTO THE WILD Track Listing:

1. Into The Wild
2. Forever
3. Meet Your Mother
4. Unbelievable
5. I Am Your Man
6. Wake Me Up (Bonus Track, South Africa Only)

“It’s brand new music, it’s my best work to date and I’m very proud of it. I’m proud of it because I can hear how I’ve developed as a songwriter and a performer, thanks to the great artists and writers I’ve had the chance to work together with in this last year." 

“It’s an awesome feeling to hear my fans connecting with a song, and their love and support of the music has - more than anything else - brought us all to this point. This EP is music for them. I hope they love it as much as I’ve loved putting it together.”

Buy INTO THE WILD EP on iTunes here!


The world’s #1 blogger and entertainment journalist, Perez Hilton recently went wild over Connell Cruise’s new music video for ‘Into The Wild’. In a post on, Perez used the headline “oh wee oh wee oh oh” to describe the music video that was shot in Manhattan. The video was recently released to global acclaim through Island Records and David Gresham Records. Perez goes further to say that the song is “Uplifting! Feel-good! Radio-friendly!” and referring to fellow co-writers of the song, The American Authors: “If you liked Best Day of My Life, then you will really dig this!”


South African audiences can look forward to a brand new single on radio from Connell Cruise - "UNBELIEVABLE”. Connell Cruise describes the song as a good connection between the music he has already released in SA, and the music that is still to come.

“I never want to be stagnant or predictable, the best part of music (to me, at least) is how it reinvents itself constantly. Unbelievable is that reinvention for me. It’s the song you want to play when the love of your life is driving you mad, forcing you to start questioning whether this whole ‘love thing’ is even worth the effort. Until you ultimately realize; this is too good to let go of. The way I see it, everything that’s worth something is going to take effort and an Unbelievable kind of love is definitely worth something.”

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