Gürschach's Latest Music Video 'Undead Empire' Brings Back Horror

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San Francisco Bay Area experimental metal band Gürschach have released a new music video for their single 'Undead Empire.' In the spirit of the song, the video is both a fresh new take and a letter of adoration to the zombie apocalypse genre.

Watch the official video below!

The story begins in the heart of the horror trope; an announcement of the dead rising. We are introduced to the two main characters as they react to the news, but while you expect there to be shock and horror, they instead scream with excitement! After a well-coordinated high five, these boys excitedly prepare to face the zombie menace together, but are they really ready?

Listen to 'Dark Matter' below!

Featuring an undead version of the band, a plethora of weapons, and tongue in cheek humour; the video is a zombie film in its own right and a worthwhile watch in time for Halloween! Nods to the many great fiction-works around the zombie genre are found throughout the video, including a salute to Ash Williams, a snippet from the original Night of the Living Dead, and manga from the popular High School of the Dead series. The video’s dedication to being true to the roots of the zombie apocalypse genre truly shows the band has a strong appreciation towards its popular tales.

Dark Matter Official Cover

Produced by Watkins Media, this is the third music video released in promotion of Gürschach’s album 'Dark Matter', which was released in December 2017. Undead Empire has been a staple of the band’s live set since their inception, and now both fans and new listeners alike can enjoy this new experience! The group plans to release another music video before the year’s end, and continue to tour extensively throughout the United States in the promotion of it. The album can be heard on the band’s Spotify streams, and they have released videos for 'What Do You Think This Is (A Game)' and 'The Night The Sky Rained Nukes' that can be seen on their YouTube channel. Also, buy their shirts!


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