Listen: YLVA’s Debut Album ‘M E T A’ Available For Preview Today

ylva image1Friday (17 November 2017) sees the official release of YLVA’s debut album, titled ‘M E T A’.

The album’s haunting energy is well engineered with powerful and melodic guitar riffs and edgy vocals, that give it that final touch with each track long enough to take you on that eternal journey through time.

YLVA sludge/doom metal band that originate straight out of Melbourne, Australia. Their portrayal is taken from personal and societal sadness, great loss and misunderstanding that isn’t only lyrically deep, but haunting.

YLVA originally started off at a BLACK SABBATH show that later transformed and grew into new directions as their friendship grew. Following more talk than action, they decided to find someone who they knew would follow the project’s loose directions.

You can catch a full preview of the album below.

What Inspired ‘M E T A’?

“As far as inspiration for the record, I, lived in the heart of Melbourne when we started the band. There were a bunch of discussions about making the band sound like my front door step, ground zero of a city’s depravity. This sparked a bunch of concepts personally from growing up in a different city and the common thread between that hardened the concept. I recently took my wife for a tour around a place in that city I spent a lot of time, she said it looked like a prison which made me laugh. Being able to see things for what they are is the bigger picture here, complacency makes way for idiocy. I’d like to reinforce that a song is not only lyrical content deep, I feel those who make such assessments miss out on a lot of great work, the physical response of YLVA is as much a part of any concept or direction.” says Mike Deslandes – Guitar/Vocals.

‘M E T A’ was never a quick process as most tracks took a while to transform even to the point of scrapping a full album before ‘M E T A’ was born.

For Fans Of: Isis, Neurosis, Amen Ra, Cult Of Luna, Old Man Gloom, Pelican.

UPDATE: You can order the album here:



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