RAI Releases Second Single 'Love's On The Way'


When the whole music industry was on the verge of giving up, thinking that it was over for Classic soul and R&B genre, a young man by the name of RAI who owns a very sultry and smooth voice came to the rescue with a new album titled 'Love’s On the Way'.

RAI makes music for all mankind, it encourages people to search their souls and dig deep into what really matters. He has been classified as a mixture between Marvin Gaye, Maxwell and Donny Hathway. RAI is set to bring in a new flavour which is going to be the catalyst for open dialogues about love in a fast-paced world of the 20th century.

'Love’s On the Way' is a leading single of the album set to pay homage to classic early 2000s R&B and communicate versions of what it means to be in a modern relationship in a changing time. The clear message and concept of the album is hope, optimism and believing in love at all costs. Back to Life to life is another track on the album with a mandate of bringing the essence of conscious to people. The album will certainly be a good company at your favourite holiday destination, to be enjoyed at the weddings, birthday celebrations even during heartbreak sour sessions and pity parties you shall listen to it feel like all is going to be well. It contains elements of therapy and bravery to soldier on.

Underground Press' professional album critics described the album as a “much need turning point” in the music industry since it seems like music no longer holds that essence which made people unite to the occasions of moulding the world to be a better place but to rather party without thinking much about the consequences of their actions. RAI not only holds a strong resonate voice but lyrically he is gifted and very straight to the point. Given two months the album can reach top 10 on the billboards top charts leaving fans wanting more of RAI’s music.

The album is set to be dropped on the 8th of June 2018 and promises fans from all over the world a good time as well as tours that they may look forward to. The latest offerings will also be available on the online platforms like Soundcloud, YouTube for technology savvy people as well as hard copies.

Liste to 'Back to Life' below!

Listen to 'Love’s On the Way' below!


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