T-Girl Madrops teams up with Luca Brassy to record latest single

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SA’s new popstar T-Girl Madrops released her highly anticipated hit 'ROLE MODELLING' on Friday, 17 November 2017.

'ROLE MODELLING' is a modern trap-pop/rap song written by T-Girl Madrops.

The track was produced by a professional sound engineer, Prinston from Fresh & Above Recording Company in Durban.

The song features multi-dimensional rapper Luca Brassy (POW) who hails from the States.

'ROLE MODELLING' is about leading by example, encouraging our young generations to value their actions in order to bring the change that everyone wishes to see in the world.

Although the song is funky and contains profanity and explicit language, the idea was to deliver the message in a manner that young people would understand. With 'ROLE MODELLING' her message is clear, be reliable to someone, somewhere!

T-Girl Madrops, derived from her real name Thandeka Mathonsi is also known as “Queen of the Rain”. T-Girl is a 23-year-old independent female singer/ songwriter and rapper, from Durban in South Africa. She has been active since 2014. 

T-Girl Madrops has worked with various local & international artists and has done a couple of songs including 'FOLLOW UP' with currently +40K downloads. The Queen Of The Rain is currently working on her third single.

Rapper Luca Brassy was signed to Tate Music Group in 2014 and Sony RED in 2015. Luca Brassy is currently indie by choice and is being promoted in South Africa by Slight Edge Events.

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Luca says 'ROLE MODELLING' has a different vibe and feel for him. In his radio interview, Luca Brassy said that when he was asked to collab with T-Girl, he wasn't sure how well they would mesh lyrically and style-wise, but it definitely worked for him and he feels they complement each other on this song. “It's very diverse and we feed off of each other, which is always how the best music happens. Stay tuned, it's gonna be great.”POW!"


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