The Steezies Release 'Umngani' Live Performance Video

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steezies paige fiddes

Photo by Paige Fiddes

The Steezies are an eccentric embodiment of playfulness. Their music is carefree abandon, captured into sound waves, and cranked all the way. This ragtag group of friends of different cultures, backgrounds, and influences form a colourful explosion, armed with the single aim of making people dance and smile.

With the release of “Umngani”, Popsicle Studios have expertly captured both the visual landscape and the audio realm that The Steezies occupy; territory that no other band currently explore. “Umngani” (meaning friend) is distinctly South African yet universal; it is a palette of colours equaled only by the visual spectacle of the band that created it. With this release, this experience lives beyond the live show and joins the ranks of a host of other legendary Popsicle Sessions.

Watch 'UMNGANI' below!

12 October: with Crimson House at the Old Slave Church, Cape Town
13 October: Stellenbosch Craft Beer Festival
3 November: Befokte Fees, Stellenbosch