JACK PAROW & FRESHLYGROUND Presents: 'Army of One' Music Video

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army of one

“And everyone in the know knows that Jan is the man
so if you need to be rescued, he lives by the gun
all you need is blêrrie Jan bra, the army of one.”

Secret agents of #zefspionage, Jan Bont (Jack Parow), Geldpenni (Zolani Mahola) and Freshlyground joined forces on the very thrilling and action-packed song, 'Army of One' for November’s Sony Xperia Mashlab on 5FM.

“Fought in the Gulf War and Sierra Lione
stopped the war in Congo all on his own
he invented the Walkman, set up Kanye with Kim
Rambo and Terminator were based on him.”

Hold on to your underwear as you watch Weskus espionage at it’s best. 

View the epic Army of One:

parow army of one photo by scott gilfillian

Photo by Scott Gilfillian

The name is Bont, Jan Bont

“So if you scared of the dark or just scared, f*kken punt
dial 1-800-p**sklap en Jan sal jou vind.”

Get Army of One on iTunes NOW

Sony Experia users can download the track for free from the Sony Experia Lounge. There are only 2000 free downloads available.

freshlyground lift photo by jonx pillemer

Freshlyground (Photo by Jonx Pillemer)

“Tell me your secrets
I'll be there when you call
Call in every favor. Honey, that's the way the cards fall
Our sweet tomorrow is tumbling down
Army of One
You are the chosen one”

Behind the scenes in studio:

Episode 1 - Freshlyground works on TOP SECRET track
Episode 2 - Jack Parow is a Weskus Secret Agent 
Episode 3 - Freshlyground's diva chorus VS Jack Parow's zef rap
Episode 4 - Go undercover in studio with Freshlyground & Jack Parow