ROXETTE Live at Durban ICC

Roxette Live at Durban ICC Alastair Fraser Roxette Live at Durban ICC

ROXETTE'S supporting band was WATERSHED, a firm South African favourite. They have had great success both locally and internationally and their music is easy to listen to, and most age groups enjoy their sound. I spotted a teenager in the front row singing along to one of their hits, which, I must admit surprised me!

Watershed Roxette Durban ICC 2FEB2016

Photo Credit: Alastair Fraser

The energy onstage from these guys was nothing short of amazing. Its clear WATERSHED absolutely love performing for their fans. Craig Hinds, the lead singer, jumped between keyboard piano and his guitar and even the drummer, Howie Combrink, left his secure spot behind the drum set to sing, play guitar and wait for it…continue to play the drums from the behind the mic using a foot drum! All at the same time! This band definitely displays versatility at its best. The crowd loved them and I was super impressed at their skills…

Craig Hinds Roxette Durban 2FEB2016

Photo Credit: Alastair Fraser

ROXETTE are one of those bands mostly everyone has heard of, they have been around since the mid-1980s and have had some huge hits, they were the first band I chose to love and the first tape cassette I ever purchased. I knew every single word to every single song. The fact that I had the opportunity to see them live was yet another dream come true for me, even if I am not really into that genre of music anymore.

I kind of knew that this concert would be a tad bit different. The reason for that is ROXETTE'S lead singer Marie Fredriksson. Back in 2002 she underwent surgery to remove a malignant brain tumour. It has been a long recovery for the platinum blonde of 56 years old. I am sure many thought she was not going to make it, but she did. Her voice has lost nothing, and although she is clearly physically frail, and sat on a stool the entire show, I felt that the concert did not lack at all in oomph and passion.

Marie Fredriksson Roxette Durban ICC 2Feb2016

Photo Credit: Alastair Fraser

The sound and lighting, in my opinion, was awesome and I must say that I do not think they get as much credit as they should for being a lot more rock-ier than the usual pop rock band.  The lead guitarist, Christoffer Lundquist, jumped and jived up and down the stage along with his fellow band mates and put on a spectacular performance. Per Gessle treated the audience to a bit of banter and cracked a few jokes about the members of the band.

Christoffer Lundquist Per Gessle Roxette Durban ICC 2Feb2016

Photo Credit: Alastair Fraser

This performance too, was met with mixed emotions from some fans, I get the feeling many fans did not know about Marie’s condition and that she cannot be as involved or as on-point as she used to be. But come on guys, the woman had a brain tumour. Can we at least give her credit for even putting on a show for us, possibly the last tour she will ever do. It takes a lot of courage to get up on a stage and perform for thousands of people, now imagine you are sick on top of that too. I say she is an inspiring role model, by not letting a disease stop her from giving to her fans and doing what she loves. I am grateful I had the opportunity to see them live at least once.

Thank you again, Big Concerts, for taking me on another nostalgic walk down memory lane.

Photo Credit: Alastair Fraser

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