The South Shore Ramblers Release New Single 'Smartees'

  • Written by Leora Haynes
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It’s been a while since finger tapping a keyboard to the beat of a tune has come so easily. Perhaps it’s because Smartees is a track with substance and thoughts solidified into a 21st-century jingle with which a few less than some, would admittedly relate.

This is the band’s first release, off their new EP and a mere promise of what’s yet to come.

the south shore rambles up june 2016

When asked the formidable question of how they would describe themselves the phrase ‘Celtic Punk Band’ is uttered from the shadows, almost as if it’s a blasphemy to be associated with this type of musical genre, when it fact, they pull it off better than their other folk rock counterparts.

The band culminates an array of different views not only in their melody but also through their genuine, candid lyrics.

Smartees is a track written by vocalist Martin Bezuidenhout and is built around his struggle with depression and the lengths to which one may go to rely in order to live a so-called ‘normal’ life. Ironically it wasn’t intended to become a part of the EP at all but the band is adamant about transforming from the afore-mentioned Celtic Punk influence and this track fit naturally to help accomplish just that.

the south shore rambles up june 2016

These guys mean what they sing and shamelessly sing what they feel and breathe fresh air into the South African Punk scene.

Watch The South Shore Ramblers - 'Smartees' Video below! 

Credits: Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ruan Rabie at ManCave Studios
Video by Christo Alberts at Perception Studios.

 Photographs Supplied by Leora Haynes