HEZRON CHETTY - Origins reconsidered: Chasing answers and finding questions in I…

Recently Hezron Chetty and Girlfriend Julienne Fenwick Jumped on a plane and headed across India on a totally random, yet spontaneous holida...

14-01-2016 | Hezron Chetty and Julienne Fenwick

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ALBERT FROST: Blues Legend

Rarely does one get to interview a living legend as young as this. Albert Frost, one of the most versatile musicians in this country has bee...

17-02-2016 | Jenny Calder

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ROXETTE Live at Durban ICC

ROXETTE'S supporting band was WATERSHED, a firm South African favourite. They have had great success both locally and internationally and th...

04-02-2016 | Kerry Witting

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Hartseer Gangster is a song about loneliness. It’s a song about family, about the hustle, about wearing sunglasses in the bath, and ab...

16-09-2015 | Press Release

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Taylor Big Baby Review

What is it: The Taylor Big Baby guitar is a portable acoustic-electric guitar that packs a punch. It's just shy of a full sized guitar, whic...

22-08-2016 | Colleen Kinsey

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Jack Parow & Freshlyground - 'Army Of One' (Official Music Video)

Get 'Army Of One' on the South African iTunes store now: apple.co/1TxVkvf (or your local iTunes store).Sony Xperia smart phone use...

10-12-2015 | Frederic Egersdorfer

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Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness (BCUC)

Photo Source: Facebook | Photo credit unknown Please, could you tell us more about your name and how it came about? Bantu Continua Uhuru ...

19-02-2016 | James Hammerton

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Plushyfest Entertains, Yet Again.

September 5th 2015, marked the second year of the now annual, #plushyfest, a charity event created by Hybrid Entertainment SA in 2014, in or...

14-09-2015 | Mystery Ryder

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Mumford and it's Gone: 1 minute and 22 seconds

Photo credit: Fanart.tv That is how long it took for all the tickets in the country to SELL OUT for the Mumford & Sons event. Your brain ...

04-09-2015 | Caid Auliya Pontus

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Gerald Clark - The Man Behind the Golden Voice

Gerald Clark is an accomplished South African musician recognised for his extraordinary ability to tell a story with his music. He is one of...

14-09-2015 | Press Releas

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Alice Phoebe Lou: The Real Thing

I have been following Alice’s career with great interest since she opened for Rodriguez in Cape Town, February 2016. {besps}/alice-phoebe-l...

06-02-2017 | Yolanda Saayman

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Watch: Kartakou Warmer and Colossus Preamp

What is it: This is a two parter review. The Colossus preamp is a high gain monster of a pre amp for guitarists that are looking for a 5150 ...

12-12-2015 | Russell Wells

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Milky Chance - Rocking Durban Live

Walking in the entrance, you instantly feel like you are at a day festival instead of a concert. Lots of food stalls and beer tents!  T...

10-10-2015 | Caid Auliya Pontus

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Michael Lowman - FIGHT [Lyric Video]

The official release of the Lyric Video of MICHAEL LOWMAN’s brand new single FIGHT, which was released late August 2015 

08-09-2015 | Michael Lowman

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Watch: Shortstraw - Say Anything New Music Video

A sweet, romantic high school love story, and then... what the girl does at the end, you have to see it to believe it...

12-09-2015 | Frederic Egersdorfer

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